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Why Gamez Law in San Antonio Takes Bus ads where billboards can’t go 

The world of personal injury law in the San Antonio Area is highly competitive, with over a dozen companies vying for business from those in need, likely just experiencing some form hardship on the road. Each firm is trying to make sure they are the one that receives the call.  With competition so fierce, it… Read more »

Go(o)d Company Interior Takeover Increasing Creativity with Available Transit Space Why sell 1% of your bus instead of the full 100%? Most companies think of transit advertising as a single rectangle on the side of a bus. We see the entire bus as a canvas, both inside and out. A local streetwear designer wanted to advertise his brand… Read more »

Adsposure Partners with NKY Chamber to Create Bouncing Back Ad Packages

(Cincinnati, Ohio – October 25, 2021) – Adsposure, the region’s transit media specialists, and the NKY Chamber have come together to offer a new affinity advertising package to help NKY Chamber members market themselves to consumers across the Tri-State. Based out of Cincinnati, Adsposure has been the exclusive transit advertising partner for the Transit Authority… Read more »

Successful marketing with transit and bench ads from Adsposure At Belle Meade Jewelers in Nashville, Owner Scott Isaacs has been using Bench ads for nearly a decade.  Why? Because it works. A History in Nashville The family business started in downtown Nashville, but when they moved to the Belle Meade Plaza, it became even more important for Isaacs to maintain a connection to… Read more »

Adsposure Starts ‘We’re Back’ Campaign in Chicagoland

Chicago, Ill. – When Adsposure entered in a partnership with Pace Suburban Bus in 2020, to sell ads on their bus assets, the Coronavirus Pandemic was coming into its worst stretch.  Now, a year later, businesses are coming back in full swing and people are returning to the streets and buses of Chicagoland. “Whether it’s… Read more »

Bus Wraps Bring Colorful Imagery to Des Moines Streets

With Summer 2021 heating up both in temperature and economic activity, Iowa and Des Moines businesses are ramping up their efforts to bring in customers, generate new leads, and make their message heard. This translates to many more beautiful, fully wrapped DART buses on city streets, as businesses find creative ways to bring bright colors… Read more »

OOH advertising expected to have highest 2021 growth rate across media

Look out advertisers – 2021’s resurgence continues and shows clear signs of interest in OOH campaigns. As reported by MAGNA, OOH is projecting the highest net revenue gains across mediums. As we approach June, the most prominent belief is that as commuter levels increase, advertisers know the value of OOH opportunities and want to make… Read more »

Adsposure Now Partnering with Pace Suburban Chicago

Amazon Ad - Pace

We are excited to now offer effective advertising solutions with Pace Chicago. The new agreement to serve as advertising partner for all of Pace’s bus and shelter assets began in November 2020, and is now in full swing as we enter 2021. Our Adsposure Chicago team is in place and serving as Pace’s exclusive partner… Read more »

Transit For Recruitment – Reaching Passive Job Seekers

Bus Interior Card

There are countless websites today dedicated to recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers. Sites like Career Builder, indeed, The Ladders, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Monster just to name a few, but with so many sites and high volumes of job postings, are your recruiting ads reaching the right candidates? Will posting on job search sites reach… Read more »