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Welcome to Youngstown, Ohio, recently recognized as one of the best places to live in Ohio, and nestled in the heart of the Mahoning Valley, greater Youngstown, offers a lifestyle that seamlessly blends city vibrancy with suburban charm.

Youngstown’s location is also perfectly situated between Pittsburgh and Cleveland, where the community enjoys the benefits of being a gateway for professionals and tourists commuting between these two dynamic cities. Whether you’re a resident who relishes the local charm or a business owner seeking to connect with the diverse demographic that traverses this region daily, Youngstown has an audience worth reaching. 

This video is part of the City of YOU campaign through the City of Youngstown. 


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Youngstown, OH Transit Advertising Options

The following options for transit advertising are offered specifically in Youngstown, availability will vary based on occupied ad space.

Full Bus Wraps

Advertising that covers the entire bus. Benefit from what includes the full sides and rear of the bus for full impact. Full wraps allow you to get creative and make the most from every impression. 


Bus Billboard Ads

Large “Portrait or “King Kong” ads that have a large location on the side of a bus. Easy to recognize and with plenty of opportunities.


Partial Side Ads

These partial side banner ads come in many configurations, and work well when placed on multiple buses simultaneously.

Bus Rear End Ads

“Supertail” or other rear ad formats are easily read and directly reach drivers behind the bus.


Bus Interior Ads

“Interior Cards” are great for reaching transit users, who are heavy mobile phone users while riding, or to influence an upcoming decision.
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Paratransit Ads

If you’re looking for a way to market your message to seniors or consumers with disabilities, consider paratransit advertising.


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Advertise with WRTA in Youngstown, OH

Transit advertising in Youngstown, Ohio is your gateway to a diverse audience as they gather in the city for various activities and experiences. Youngstown is a hub for attractions like the vibrant Downtown district, where development projects are reshaping the cityscape, and event centers like the Covelli Centre draw crowds for concerts and events.

Not to mention, the city’s lively dining scene with popular restaurants like The Federal and Michael Alberini’s, and entertainment options that include the Youngstown Playhouse and the Butler Institute of American Art. As Youngstown continues to evolve with new developments and experiences, your advertising message will resonate with those seeking urban adventures and exploring the hidden gems that Youngstown has to offer.

Effective Advertising in Northeast Ohio

Youngstown is renowned for offering residents easy access to desired amenities, all while sidestepping the expenses, congestion, and urban nuisances associated with larger cities. This means advertisers can get in front of hundreds of thousands of people through WRTA ads in the right moments when they are out and about in restaurants, event centers, hotels, shopping centers, and everything else Youngstown has to offer.

The Big Reach Media

Despite its long history with advertisers, Bus Advertising is now experiencing a resurgence in popularity, driven by advertisers seeking highly effective media that deeply penetrates markets and precisely reaches their desired audiences. Unlike digital formats, which are often fragmented among numerous segmented user bases, bus ads have the unique advantage of placing their message in front of a broad cross-section of the marketplace. This versatility makes them an excellent complement to other advertising formats, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful campaign strategy.
"The Adsposure team is ready to take transit advertising to the next level in Youngstown. With the great work already done by the WRTA team, we have a solid starting point to launch new creative ideas and campaigns for local and national advertisers looking to build their brand in Northeast Ohio.”
- Ken Black, CEO of Adsposure

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