About Adsposure

At Adsposure, our overall vision is a simple one — become the dominant transit advertising company in the United States.

We understand media and we know advertising. At Adsposure, transit advertising isn’t just our passion, but our primary focus. Our sole mission is to contribute to our customer’s success by helping them take a message to the public using transportation media.

The Adsposure team is fully immersed in every aspect of transit advertising and knows how to optimize its full potential. Our Account Executives live and work in the same markets you do business, giving you one local point of contact.

Since 2003, we have successfully demonstrated the power of transit advertising to leading advertisers across a wide range of industries. Helping advertisers do more than simply stand out among all the media noise. Originally known as the Media Division of Advertising Vehicles, we are now Adsposure, solely focused on Out-of-Home assets to better serve our clients and partner communities. By maximizing the marketing efforts of all business types, we will increase the frequency and reach of your message through transit advertising.

With tremendous growth in mobile and static media over the last several years, more brands, agencies and marketing leaders are using the power of transit advertising.

And with 70% of all consumers spending time outside their homes – driving, riding, walking, working, or waiting – transit ads capitalize on the time consumers are outdoors by capturing their attention in a format they can’t block or scroll past.

Cities are experiencing a surge in popularity by Millennials and Empty Nesters to live in the downtown area, prompting more businesses to relocate there, and more cities to bring on trolley, light rail and streetcar systems to serve transportation needs. The urbanization of America and beyond will continue to grow, and Adsposure is uniquely poised to help transit partners and ad clients take advantage of this seismic economic shift.

We’ve helped them surpass marketing goals, increase impressions and maximize reach with a minimal budget. We’ve transformed empty spaces and nondescript buses, light rail, heavy rail, rail stations, bus shelters, bus benches, and ticket vending machines into powerful advertising messages that pack a significant punch. Seeing as we serve the transit systems in Cincinnati, Des Moines, Kansas City, Lexington, Nashville, Northern Kentucky, Chicagoland, and our newest market in Indianapolis, we’re a company devoted to mobile out-of-home advertising.

Let us show you how we can uniquely, and positively, improve your marketing efforts through the power of Transit Advertising.