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Adsposure works directly with local business owners as well as decision makers at the regional and national level to maximize your company’s marketing spend, impact and success through the power of transit media.

Transit ads, mobile or static, take your company’s message into key neighborhoods and areas that other types of advertising can’t reach, following people where they are and where they go.

Transit Goes


Transit advertising is known for its incredibly low CPM costs, allowing you to reach more people with every dollar you spend.  If you are looking to build a brand or do reminder advertising, Adsposure and transit have the perfect opportunities for you. 

A Few Industries That Do Well With Transit Advertising


Preschools to charter schools, private high schools to higher education, online learning to adult continuing education programs, transit advertising is the time-tested way to stand out and compete for this large, diverse student audience. 

Law Offices

The competitiveness of the legal field makes it paramount a law firm remains top of mind. Nothing keeps your name in front of the public like ads on buses, shelters, stations and benches. 

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits have big things to achieve on small budgets, making transit a wise choice for the marketing of capital campaigns, special events and other initiatives.

National Brands

The best marketing plans often come down to traffic patterns, audience impressions, locations and visual impact rather than simple rate negotiations. It’s here where transit advertising shines and delivers both results and ROI.  

Event Promotion

Concerts to sporting events, festivals to annual fairs, seasonal celebrations, conventions and more, transit spreads the news all over town, when and where it needs to be seen.

Restaurants & Bars

Transit goes where your customers go, keeping your establishment in front of them, day after day. Cost effective, current, eye-catching and strategic, transit advertising works hard to make you the talk of the town.


Hospitals, healthcare providers and healthcare-related services choose transit advertising to build awareness, differentiate services and stay in front of the public –– all within stringent budgets.

Financial Services & Banks

As the worlds of financial services and banking grow broader and often converge, marketplace differentiation and positioning are more important than ever.

Self Care & Salons

Heavy users of street media include fitness and yoga studios, salons and spas that pull from a small geographic area.  Benches, shelters, and ticket stations put your message face-to-face with consumers at low cost.

Professional Services

For real estate and insurance agents, local attorneys, financial advisors and accountants wanting to reach targeted customers and neighborhoods, there’s nothing like the exposure, cost-effectiveness and reach of transit advertising.

Tourism & Hospitality

Wanting to bring in weekend visitors or hotel stays? Transit Advertising in selected markets can put your attractions or destination on the to do list. 

HVAC & Home Services

Home services do well on transit because it puts you in front of a massive audience. Get the timing right by being seen when home owners and businesses need your help. 


To attract top-tier talent to your  organization, consider promoting your job openings through transit advertising in targeted markets! This strategy can enhance your brand visibility and establish your workplace as a destination for prospective candidates.

Is transit right for your business?

Reach out today, and our media consultants will work with you to see if transit advertising is a good fit for your campaign. 

Advertising That Gets in Front of Your Audience Like Nothing Else Can

Did you know? Outdoor advertising reaches 99% of adults, topping all other media.  It’s the most effective way to build brand recognition and spontaneous recall with a targeted audience over an extended period of time.

Transit / OOH

<$ 5 CPM
  • 100% No ad-blocking
  • 1 to many (growing)
  • Sight & Motion
  • Increasingly Enhanced Reporting Data


$ 6 CPM
  • Ad Free Streaming & Station Changes
  • 1 to many (shrinking)
  • Sound
  • Ratings Survey

Internet / Mobile

$ 7 CPM
  • 54% of display ads are non-viewable
  • 1 to 1 (growing)
  • Sight, Motion, Sound
  • Online Analytics


$ 17 CPM
  • DVRs, Streaming, Options, limit viewing
  • 1 to many (shrinking)
  • Sight, Motion, Sound
  • Ratings Surveys

Print Ads

$ 25 CPM
  • Page Skipping & Jumping to Editorials
  • 1 to many (shrinking)
  • Sight
  • Circulation Data

Source: 1), PJ Solomon; 2) / comScore Inc

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