Transit Authorities

Turning Transit Assets into Revenue Generators

Adsposure has a strong history of working with transit authorities to take your advertising to the next level in terms innovation, creativity and in driving a steady and substantial revenue stream to your bottom line.

From years of advertising for transit shelters, light rail, benches, and facilities to full wraps, bus panels, and displays, we have cemented our position as one of the nation’s leading companies in transit media. 

We Focus on Transit

Unlike other providers, we only support transit advertising, and not billboards or other competing media.

We know how to maximize the value of transit advertising and what types of experiences drive results. 

A Full Resource

Our seasoned team focuses solely on every aspect of transit media –– sales, project management, innovation, graphic design, installation and removal, with support staff in accounting, marketing, advanced technologies, human resources and other administrative functions.

Dedicated Support

Each of our transit authority partners has the constant attention, experience and knowledge of our entire team.

We are here to allow transit partners to focus on their goals, while we facilitate solutions and solve problems for advertisers. 

Working With Adsposure

When you work with Adsposure, either as a transit partner, or an advertiser, rest assured that we take care of the entire process.


Our experienced sales team helps advertisers determine the best mix of advertising options based on budget and timing requirements. We can also help develop creative ideas and messaging for greater advertising impact.


From there, our expert, in-house designers get to work on design options. 

We can use customer-provided designs or work with advertisers to create new, eye-catching designs. Up to three design concepts are typically included in the initial design phase, depending on ad types and quantities.


Once a design is finalized, we get to work on production. Our 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility has 12 Durst printing machines (the most in the county) along with multiple cutters and laminators with over 300,000 sq. ft. of output daily. We use only the best 3M® materials for all printing to ensure ads have the highest professional print quality for better appearance and longer life span.


We then coordinate with the local transit agency to have the graphics installed in a timely manner. The Adsposure installation team is 3M® certified to ensure every graphic is installed perfectly the first time, putting ads out in the public eye as fast as possible.

New campaigns or creative can be prepared and installed in as few as 


Business Days

Partners in Transit Advertising

Adsposure has cemented its position as one of the nation’s leading companies in transit media. We have a proven track record and clear understanding of where media can go and how best to use advertiser dollars to get it there. Year after year, we’ve leveraged our targeted expertise to outperform our competition – including large conglomerates and national competitors – and deliver significant revenue for transit authorities. Each of our transit authority partners has the constant attention, experience and knowledge of our entire team.

We are partners who work with you to strategize and understand the unique and expanding needs of a market such as yours. We are not just a vendor delivering the same products without thought for diversity, need and growth. As such, we are never content with the status quo. We monitor marketplace activity and opportunities daily, seeking high-quality, high-integrity ways to generate additional revenue on your behalf.

“During our relationship, they have consistently met or exceeded revenue projections while also acting as a true marketing partner. For example, they secured sponsorship of an entire bus route in 2010, attracted a sponsor for a marketing campaign that won a 2012 AdWheel award from APTA, and for the past three years, they have underwritten free rides for the home season opening game of the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals through a sponsorship with Miller-Coors. All of these promotions would not have been possible without their partnership.”
- Dave Etienne, Director of Marketing, SORTA

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