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BODYARMOR and FC Cincinnati's Brandon Vazquez Start Giveaway With Ticket Kiosks

It’s not every day you walk around downtown Cincinnati and you see yourself looking back at you. That is unless you’re FC Cincinnati’s Brandon Vazquez who spotted himself several times on TVM and shelter ads throughout the city as one of BODYARMOR’s locally signed player brand ambassadors.

He was so excited by the ads, he shared a giveaway for his 16.2 thousand Instagram followers: take selfies with the ads and tag him on Instagram for a chance to win a signed jersey through BODYARMOR.

For BODYARMOR, the ad campaign has been one of their favorites yet. It was planned to give back to the FC Cincinnati Foundation to support youth soccer through a portion of Kroger sales on BODYARMOR during an 8 week period.

TVM and shelter ads are a great way for companies to target a certain location or reinforce their brand among daily transit users. It never hurts when your brand ambassadors help get the message across like with Brandon and BODYARMOR.

If you would like to learn more about how shelter ads can work for you: