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Shelter Advertising

Shelter Ads Reach Core Areas Like No Other

With shelters, you can do high level exposure for certain locations or to daily transit users for constant brand building.   

Once more, you’re able to drive smartphone interaction or awareness while your audience has a free moment. Let us help identify how shelters could be a clever solution for you. 

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Of OOH viewers notice an ad providing direction to a specific store, business, or restaurant location.

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Of consumers notice transit advertising each month

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How much the reach of traditional campaigns can be boosted by transit ads

Where Shelters Find Success

Shelter advertising has unique advantages that no other format can provide, and unlike billboards, these ads are eye-level and provide a full informational experience.      

NKY Shelter

Ad sizes still allow you to make an impact and are visible from a considerable distance.

Driving mobile activity, app downloads, and even providing tourism resources. 

Big brands needing constant awareness or reminder advertising.

“There’s a lot of clutter in other venues, even in print ads and broadcast. When you own a shelter, you own the shelter and that’s all they’re seeing. I like that, as well as the geographic benefit of the location.”
Scott Keeler, Growth Consulting

Interested in a specific market?

Each market we serve transit advertising has some unique options available in their area. Learn more about each market and what they offer: 

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