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National Brands

Big Name Brands are Big On Transit

National brands understand the strength of reaching customers at the local, familiar level. There’s something special about consumers seeing their favorite national brands on local transit assets –– a sure sign they are important enough to your brand that you want to get right in front of them. Local is where customer loyalty is built. Let Adsposure tell you more.

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Of 16+ viewers are prompted to engage in activity with smartphones

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Of consumers notice transit advertising each month

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How much the reach of traditional campaigns can be boosted by transit ads

Reasons Admissions and Education Marketers Love Transit

The best marketing plans often come down to traffic patterns, audience impressions, locations and visual impact rather than simple rate negotiations. It’s here where transit advertising shines and delivers both results and ROI. 

Targeted community outreach


High awareness and exposure reminder advertising

An exciting medium that breaks through fragmentation 

"A great and unique opportunity that provides visibility, exposure and wide market coverage, taking our messages even further. The result was an increased enrollment and brand awareness."
- Natasha H. , Tarleton State University

Why Top Brands Choose Transit Advertising

Interested in a specific market?

Each market we serve transit advertising has some unique options available in their area. Learn more about each market and what they offer: 

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