Adsposure installer brings Bengals pride in Bears territory with ‘Nati House’

Bengals excitement is no surprise at Adsposure HQ. With our Headquarters just a short drive from downtown Cincinnati, the shouts of Who Dey, rumblings of “Welcome to the Jungle” and all around football fervor have been inescapable all season, especially so in the past few weeks.

But it’s a little more surprising to find in our other markets across the country, not that we’re complaining!

Over at our Chicago office, one of our installers Keith Maciaszek has been carrying the mantel of Bengals pride for more than 20 years. He’s no bandwagoner!

His love for the Bengals came from a genuine place. Just seeing the positivity from fans supporting a team that hasn’t necessarily done too well over the years.

Until now.

With the Bengals’ Super Bowl run, he’s become somewhat of a local celebrity.

Earlier this month, the local CBS station went over to his house, the appropriately names ‘Nati House, to check out his myriad of Bengals decorations.

He’s got inflatables, banners and flags. He decorates his car and of course he’s got some ink. We had nothing to do with this.

While all of us here in Cincinnati have our support system of fellow fans, he’s a small island of Orange and Black in a sea of Blue and Orange.

From all of us here in Cincinnati, a very emphatic Who Dey to Keith, lets go win this Super Bowl!