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You Can't Reach Chicago Without Pace

There’s a whole new strategy for reaching the Chicago market.  There’s downtown Chicago and then there’s “Chicagoland” –– the fast-growing suburbs of Chicago where people are moving in record numbers.  Transit ads on Pace put you in front of this powerful suburban audience.

Serving six counties and 40 million+ riders each year, Pace is Chicagoland. While Metra buses and the CTA cover “Metro Chicago”… Adsposure and Pace now cover the “Land”.


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Chicago Advertising Options

The following options for transit advertising are offered specifically in Chicago, availability will vary based on occupied ad space.

Full Bus Wraps

Advertising that covers the entire bus. Benefit from what includes the full sides and rear of the bus for full impact. Full wraps allow you to get creative and make the most from every impression. 

Bus Billboard Ads

Large “Portrait or “King Kong” ads that have a large location on the side of a bus. Easy to recognize and with plenty of opportunities. 


Partial Side Ads

These partial side banner ads come in many configurations, and work well when placed on multiple buses simultaneously.


Bus Rear End Ads

“Supertail” or other rear ad formats are easily read and heavily seen by drivers behind the bus.


Bus Interior Ads

“Interior Cards” are great for reaching transit users, who are heavy mobile phone users while riding, or to influence an upcoming decision. 

Interior Bus Ad

Shelter Advertising

Shelter advertising benefits from being a known location, but also with waiting transit riders, not to mention walk/drive by traffic. 


Not sure what would work best or looking for something else?

Contact us today and we will work with you to identify if there is an ideal option in Chicago for your campaign.

Pace is where Chicago Lives

When people think of Chicago, they think of downtown, the Loop, Wrigley Field, The Magnificent Mile, Lake Shore Drive and, of course, Lake Michigan.  However, Chicago is just a part of Chicagoland when it comes to transit. More and more Chicagoans live outside the City of Chicago and that number is increasing. The transit system for these riders is Pace and, today, Pace is busier than ever!

Reach Neighborhoods

To reach Chicago’s growing number of suburban transit users, you need the mobile strategies of Pace. Only transit media can take your brand and message into the neighborhoods you want to reach and provides you exposure 24/7.

Chicagoland’s Transit

So now when it comes to advertising in Chicagoland, simply buying Chicago is not enough.  Not nearly.  Not when you consider that 1/3 of your Chicagoland population now resides outside of core Chicago. 

The Shift is Real

As a distinct part of the population migrates out of the Chicago core, there’s a significant shift in how, when and where to reach the Chicago market. The shift is real and being felt by all Chicagoans and by businesses and advertisers, as well.

"A great and unique opportunity that provides visibility, exposure and wide market coverage, taking our messages even further. The result was an increased enrollment and brand awareness."
- Natasha H. , Tarleton State University

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Chicago Office

818 Oak Creek Dr.
Lombard, IL 60148

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