Why transit shines over billboards

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When most people think of out-of-home advertising, they’re picturing a large billboard along the side of the highway.

At Adsposure, we think that needs to change, because transit ads is actually where it’s at.

Sure, billboards are seen by many people every day, but are the right people seeing them? Along the highway, you have potentially thousands of out of state drivers who will never interface with your local brand.

That’s where transit comes in.

On a crowded street, it's impossible for people to miss your bus ad.

Buses go where people are

Buses travel alongside local traffic, in the communities where people can take advantage of whatever is on offer on that bus ad.

Since bus ads are essentially moving billboards you don’t have to worry about where to put it. The buses we can put your ad on travel thousands of miles, and your potential customers will see them.

"It is out in front of you - you can't avoid seeing it and it's at eye level and not at sky level."

John Sullivan - Regional Sales Manager

Bus ads aren’t ignored

Not only that, but there’s an issue with billboards that’s hard to address. Sure, they make a big impact the first time someone sees them, but after they drive past a few times the billboard starts to blend into the background and will quickly be ignored.

With buses, your ad is never in the same place at the same time, so it never has the chance to blend into the background. It’s always going to be fresh for your target audience.

Bus ads improve the community

Lastly, arguably the biggest difference is the community impact.

Billboards are privately owned. Buses are owned by a transit agency that is either a part of the municipal government or works closely alongside it.

When you put your ad on a bus, half of all your investment will go directly back to the transit system to improve the buses, increase routes and benefit the local community.

When the transit system improves, the local economy follows, which ends up benefitting you in turn.

Bring bus ads into the fold

Billboards may have their place in some marketing plans, but transit advertising on buses do too.

If you’re not getting the return you’d like out of your current billboard plan, consider switching to buses. If you are, buses complement a billboard campaign and can stretch your marketing dollar that much further.

You'll be happy to see red lights once you start a bus ad campaign.