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Why Gamez Law in San Antonio Takes Bus ads where billboards can’t go 

The world of personal injury law in the San Antonio Area is highly competitive, with over a dozen companies vying for business from those in need, likely just experiencing some form hardship on the road. Each firm is trying to make sure they are the one that receives the call. 

With competition so fierce, it takes a special campaign to stand out and earn that call, and transit advertising is a proven way to do so.  

That’s been Gamez Law’s strategy ever since they started working with us at Adsposure. An integral part of the San Antonio community since 1973, they’ve since transitioned to 100 percent Personal Injury law. 

“It’s an extremely competitive field, so name recognition is crucial.” Joseph Gamez, Manager of Business Development, said. “There’s 1000s of lawyers that can do the same job that you’re doing. When it comes down to the next big case, to providing a service, you want to stand out. For us, that’s why marketing is so crucial.” 

Their current marketing strategy involves a lot of out-of-home advertising around the San Antonio Metro, taking many forms working in tandem to help them stand out when their prospective clients are paying attention. All in the effort to be top of mind when the moment arrives that another person needs their services.  

An anti-billboard community focused on beauty

San Antonio is a beautiful city with a very vibrant downtown. Some of their biggest attractions include the Alamo and the River Walk. Pedestrians and tourists dominate the entire area constantly. 

But one thing you don’t see, no matter where you look in the downtown area is a billboard. 

“The City, they’ve put in rules that don’t allow billboards,” Gamez said. “A bus can always squeeze in there in the middle of traffic and get your name across.” 

Because of this, you can’t miss buses driving all over Downtown San Antonio. No matter what you’re doing, as a local or tourist, you’re going to see a bus driving by. And that’s just what Gamez law likes to see. 

“Whenever somebody sees one of our buses, a lot of times it’s just plastered with our logo, and with our catch phrase Gamez Law Fights,” he said. “I love it when somebody sends me a picture of our bus, and just tells us ‘Man, it looked incredible. I saw it, it’s very impactful’.” 

Bus advertising like that on VIA is known to be considered less intrusive by consumers and is not obstructive to the area. Better still, bus billboards are constantly moving, exposing a much higher reach of people than a specific billboard could over the life of a campaign.  

A focus on their image

Brand recognition is an integral part of an injury law firm’s marketing plan because it’s not a business that drives immediate action. They need people to remember their name and brand for until such a time as they’re needed. 

That’s why when Gamez Law puts its name and logo on the side of VIA buses, they need it to be done right. 

“As far as our design is concerned, especially with the buses, we’re doing 100% with Adsposure, and I’ve been very happy, and very proud of the results that they’ve been able to come up with,” Gamez said. “It’s very, very stress free.” 

He works closely with our in-house graphic design team to create the impressive graphics emblazoned across all the buses they use. We make life easy for him. 

“I can send an email, they’ll put together some artwork for us and send it back to me for feedback,” he said. “Within a day, I’ll have another draft of it and it’s very easy to deal with.” 

"As far as our design is concerned, we're doing 100% with Adsposure, and I've been very happy, and very proud of the results that they've been able to come up with."
-Joseph Gamez, Gamez Law

Helping Gamez Law Give Back

We at Adsposure want Gamez Law, and all of our clients, to know they’re making the right decision when they work with us. That’s why it’s so important for them to know that half of every transit advertising dollar we make goes right back to their city thanks to our contributions to VIA.

“We’re invested in this community, our law firm, all of our employees work here, live here,” Gamez said. “To have a company that’s, at the national level, continuously giving back to that same community here in San Antonio is incredible. We really thank them for that.” 

Our experts can work with you to meet your transit advertising needs, no matter what they may be. Reach out to let us know what you need and see if we can build a plan that helps you achieve your advertising goals.