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Welcoming James Valdez to the Texas Adsposure Team

James Valdez– Regional Sales Manager now representing Adsposure
James Valdez– Regional Sales Manager now representing Adsposure

As the Adsposure family keeps growing, we would like to welcome James Valdez to the fold. James is our new regional sales manager covering our Texas markets!

After spending a week training at our National Headquarters in Cincinnati, James has been hard at work down in San Antonio, where he’s putting his decades of media experience to work. He’s now bringing his knowledge to help companies execute successful Transit Advertising campaigns.

Advertising is in his DNA

James has been officially working in the advertising industry since 1999, but as James puts it, selling and solving problems for people has been in his blood since the beginning.

As a child he vividly remembers his father managing local TV stations, while also managing sales for a couple of them in his hometown of El Paso, Texas.

His managerial experience started when he took on the role of local sales manager at a TeleFutura TV station, a subsidiary of Univision. Throughout the years he grew his experience in Hispanic TV eventually being named Vice President of Sales for NBC Universal Telemundo, taking him to San Antonio.

When it was his time to move on from the TV world, he gets his beginning in out-of-home media with billboards, which has lead him now to the allure and power of transit advertising and Adsposure.

“With a bus, you can feel it’s right there,” James said. “Or a bench or a shelter, everything is right there, it’s tangible, you can see it, you can touch it if you needed to.”

James is proud to continue the tradition of helping business get their messages out, and in 2022 when media are becoming more fragmented, James now gets to use his talents to support outdoor media that gives back to the community.

A trusted leader

Through his 15 years managing media sales teams, James has developed as a leader and strategic thinker, but above all else in his opinion, it’s still about making sure his staff is happy,

“Your people, if they’re happy, will do anything to hit your budgets,” he said. “I’ve taught myself that the best way to deal with situations is by telling my people, I’m not here to create problems, I’m here to solve problems.”

One of those problems is making sure people understand the availability and effectiveness of transit advertising, but he fully expects that to solve itself once people see the possibilities.

“I think that being in this business is groundbreaking. Just for the community of San Antonio, we have 435 buses here, and 375 to 425 run every day. That's how big San Antonio is. So, your ads will get seen.”

Adsposure is excited to welcome him to the leadership team and is looking forward to watching him thrive in the San Antonio market while serving as a mentor to his teams in San Antonio and Fort Worth.

Make sure to reach out to him at to see how he and Adsposure can help you grow your business.