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Transit For Recruitment – Reaching Passive Job Seekers

There are countless websites today dedicated to recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers. Sites like Career Builder, indeed, The Ladders, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Monster just to name a few, but with so many sites and high volumes of job postings, are your recruiting ads reaching the right candidates?

Will posting on job search sites reach well qualified people who are only passively considering a career change? What about those who may be considering a temporary assignment or are interested in seasonal work? It’s a challenge attracting potential candidates who aren’t actively looking for a new position, but transit media will put your recruiting message right in front of them.

We spend 70% of our day outside the home. We’re out and about day and night traveling to and from work, for family activities, routine errands, dining, and entertainment. We’re a mobile society, so a great way to get your recruiting message in front of people during their day-to-day activities is out-of-home advertising.Transit ads are big, and they constantly move throughout the city reaching people in every demographic. Transit follows the flow of the crowd. It reaches commuters on major interstates and in neighborhoods. It follows people at busy intersections, major shopping districts, entertainment areas, and employment centers. Your recruiting message will get mass exposure 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. And, according to OAAA, out-of-home advertising like bus ads, bus shelter displays and bus bench ads drive people to the web for more information.

Bus ads reach passive job seekers who aren’t pro-actively checking job search websites. They’re also seen by freelancers, independent contractors, students, skilled workers and more. Whether you’re in an industry impacted by the lack of skilled labor or in need of help for temporary assignments, ads placed on buses, bus benches and shelters will reach the masses.

If you aren’t breaking through the advertising clutter and attracting the right candidates, or enough qualified candidates, maybe it’s time to add out-of-home transit media into your recruiting mix.