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Transit Advertising – The Great Equalizer

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One of the great things about transit advertising is the market-wide reach that buses receive while conducting their service routes, combined with the fact that you can’t skip seeing the large format advertising. A win for marketing teams is the fact that if there’s a bus driving on the road, everyone in view of the bus will see the ad.

That’s why Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines, IA, loves using transit advertising from Adsposure.

Broadlawns Medical Center offers services to address a wide array of healthcare needs including a hospital, emergency services, with both inpatient and outpatient services, as well as a wide array of other services that are offered by the over 1,200 staff and 100 physicians that are serving Des Moines everyday. 

“We are proud to partner with Dart and Adsposure to provide our advertising and consistent messaging on the buses that are here in Polk County,” Jenna Knox, External Relations Manager at Broadlawns, said. 

“As the Community Hospital, we serve the urban population, and we are very committed to making sure that they are aware of what is available to them at their community hospital: the services providers, and high-quality care that is also affordable and accessible to them here at the Community Hospital in the urban core of Des Moines.”

Making Sure Your Message is Received

For Broadlawns, accessibility is key in everything they do, as their goal is to be able to treat everyone in their community. That accessibility translates to their advertising.

“We are really passionate about making sure that that message is loud and clear in places where everyone in our community can access,” Knox said. “So it’s just a reinforcement that Broadlawns is here for them.”

Broadlawns typically employs different types of banner ads, like Kings and Kongs, along with tails and interior cards. And they say there’s nothing like seeing a new campaign going out. Not only because of the new art, but because of what it means for the community.

“It really demonstrates our commitment to the community and our commitment to having accessible transportation available within our community,” Knox said.

“That is a cornerstone of what we believe at Broadlawns – that we are a healthy community together, and having a reliable, high quality transit system here in Des Moines is a pivotal part of it.”

Public Health & Healthcare Advertising Work on Transit Mediums

Public health advertising is a hallmark of transit advertising because of its connection to the community and accessibility. 

Broadlawns Medical Center is one of many of our health advertisers who takes full advantage of our advertising opportunities.

A big reason is the market-wide reach that the medium provides. If your message is relevant to the entire community or a large subset of the community, bus advertising fits well because the buses travel across the market, and generate really high impression totals. Exactly what marketing teams in healthcare are often looking for. 

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