Transit Advertising Gives Back: Support Public Transportation and the Community While Promoting Your Brand! 

As the options for advertising continue to grow, choosing how to promote your brand becomes more than just a marketing decision. You need to find a way to share your business with the community in a manner that reflects your organization’s values, and that’s where transit advertising steps in! Transit advertising – including bus, shelter, and bench advertising – allows you to give back to the community through revenue sharing programs, investing in the city and people where your business is.  

For the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority, working with Adsposure has helped them continue to provide high quality public transportation while supporting the greater Des Moines area. “Anything we can do to diversify our revenue, to lower the reliance on property taxes in order to continue providing our services is a huge benefit, not just to the people who use our services, but to the region overall,” Erin Hockman, Chief External Affairs Officer at DART shared.  

A graphic that shows the Circle of Impact that transit advertising has on the community, promoting local business growth, which contributes to a thriving city, which can help transit agency growth, which can create successful transit advertising opportunities.
Transit advertising contributes greatly to the local community, and to the transit agency.

The revenue that bus, shelter, and bench ads bring in is vital for transit authorities across the nation. Doug Sullivan, Manager of External Relations at Pace Suburban Bus in Chicago, shares, “The advertising that’s on the interior and exterior of our buses is an absolutely critical part of our financial picture. Transit advertising is the largest share, outside of farebox revenue, of revenue that Pace generates on a daily basis.”

A photo of a DART bus that has a purple to orange gradient, and says "Good things come to those who ride" promoting public transit.
Many transit authorities utilize advertising options on their own buses, benches, and shelters to promote ridership, employment opportunities, and more.

Transit authorities across the nation rely on advertising dollars to continue to provide services to the people in their communities, but they even look to transit advertising to spread their own message. By working with Adsposure, transit authorities have an advertising partner that is willing to step in and assist with their marketing needs at a fair cost. “[The partnership with Adsposure] allows us an additional channel to spread our messages and promote our services,” Melissa Chrisman, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Trinity Metro shares. “We’ve done very successful bus driver recruitment campaigns; we’ve been very successful with advertising some of our other services on our fixed route buses through Adsposure.”  

Trinity Metro bus with an ad on the side that promotes employment opportunities with the agency.
Trinity Metro took advantage of advertising options on their own buses to share employment opportunities with the community.
“The advertising that's on the interior and exterior of our buses is an absolutely critical part of our financial picture. Transit advertising is the largest share, outside of farebox revenue, of revenue that Pace generates on a daily basis.”
- Doug Sullivan, Manager of External Relations, Pace

Why Businesses Choose Transit

But bus, shelter, and bench advertising isn’t just beneficial to the transit authority, it’s also a game changer for businesses and organizations who are looking to give back 

Parker Anderson, Account Executive for Adsposure, says he shares with his advertising partners in Des Moines that, “…half of this media cost goes directly into our community via the transit authority. For that reason, this mode of OOH [out of home advertising] has become highly valued and appreciated by our entire metro region.” Parker shares that many advertisers are interested in transit because of this, “Most of my clients tout this information on socials in an effort to check the box that says ‘giving back to the community’ in an overall marketing strategy.” Not only are these businesses receiving impactful views and impressions of their ads by those in the area seeing their advertisement and contributing to their business, but they are also able to use these advertisements as proof that they care about their community. It’s a win-win situation for all involved – the transit authority, the business, and the community.  

Breast Cancer Awareness Month bus advertisement promoting the annual mammography screening
Businesses and nonprofits alike use bus advertising to share their message to the community.

Advantages for Nonprofits

Transit advertising also offers a cost-effective marketing option for nonprofit organizations – stretching their dollar further and staying true to a mission of giving back by investing in the community. The Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce saw the impact of bus advertising firsthand with their Hecho en Fort Worth” campaign, “We’re so grateful for them [Adsposure] because they’re amplifying our message as a nonprofit and what we’re trying to do for a business community that at that point was really suffering, and allowed us to have a very positive moment for our businesses,” Annette Landeros, President and CEO of FWHCoC said. 

A Trinity Metro bus fully wrapped that says "Hecho en Fort Worth" on the side.
The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was able to share their message at a lower cost than many other advertising options thanks to bus advertising with Trinity Metro.

For many nonprofit organizations, marketing budgets are small, and advertising is not a priority. But with out of home advertising options like bus ads, these organizations can reach a diverse community of people while staying within budget.  

Landeros hopes that other nonprofits see this as an example of how they can be seen in their communities. “Hopefully other organizations will see it and say, ‘You know what, we didn’t think about [transit advertising] It’s a great investment. Maybe we should consider different avenues of getting our message out’.”  

A Nashville Metro bus fully wrapped in navy and yellow promoting employment opportunities with the Metro Police.
The Nashville Metropolitan Police Department was able to make an impact with their fully wrapped bus, sharing their message with people all over Nashville.

Support Public Transit While Promoting Your Brand

Transit advertising offers numerous benefits for both businesses and nonprofit organizations, allowing them to give back to the community while promoting their brands and missions. Through revenue sharing programs, transit advertising enables businesses to invest in the cities and people where their operations are based. The partnership between transit authorities and Adsposure not only helps sustain public transportation services but also provides an additional channel for spreading messages and promoting services for the transit authority, local businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Ultimately, transit advertising benefits the community at large! Give back to your community while promoting your brand, by working with Adsposure.