Transit Advertising Generates Top-of-Mind Awareness and Spontaneous Recall for Your Business

Creating top-of-mind brand awareness means having your company name constantly reinforced in the marketplace. Your goal is to create Spontaneous Recall. 80% of consumers pick a brand they are already familiar with when the need arises.

So how do you create Spontaneous Recall for your business?

Maybe you’ve tried traditional media like TV or radio. Or, maybe sent direct mail, and now you’ve hopped on the digital trend in your marketing strategy. Is it working? Are you getting the exposure you really need to have top-of-mind brand awareness? Is your marketing mix effectively making you stand out from the competition? Are your prospects spontaneously recalling your business name when they need a provider in your specific business category?

Injury Law Full Bus Wrap

In this ever-fragmented media landscape, TV and radio ads can be skipped or completely ignored. How many radio stations do you need to place your ads on to reach the right audience? Advertising via digital means hoping your ads aren’t blocked, and ultimately reach a real human being.

Don’t spend more advertising dollars than you need to.

91% of U.S. residents 16 or older, who have traveled in a vehicle in the past month, noticed some form of out-of-home advertising (OOH). Over half of those viewers agree OOH ads stand out more than ads seen in newspapers, online, on mobile devices, or over the radio.

Transit ads with big, bold, creative bus advertising allows you to create a “visual hammer” — the image that reinforces your company’s verbal positioning statement – to drive your message home. And, placing ads at bus shelter stops along with your bus advertising provides even more reinforcement of the messaging. If you already have a visual hammer that’s tied to your TV or digital campaigns, creating that same visual on a large-scale bus format will extend top-of-mind brand awareness.

Transit ads are on the streets 365 days a year delivering messages that can’t be turned off or avoided. A recent Nielsen study found that 70% of adults say OOH is very or somewhat likely to influence a purchase. They also found that 58% search the web as a direct result of seeing an OOH ad.

Transit advertising reaches people where they live, work and play. Every city center that grows with jobs, residents and entertainment options means your transit media advertising gets more eyeballs on it more often with an audience of all demographics. Now that creates Spontaneous Recall!