The power of bus advertising with Bart Durham Injury Law in Nashville

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For decades, Bart Durham Injury Law has been a trusted Personal Injury Law office serving the greater Nashville area. But getting to that point takes a focused and effective marketing strategy, and a whole lot of message reinforcement, which Bart Durham knows all too well.

That’s why their marketing team has been a close partner with Adsposure for what seems like forever, taking full advantage of Nashville WeGo buses and benches.

“There’s all these other outlets, there’s all these other ways that people can see it. But it’s hard to turn away and not notice a bus when you’re driving on the street,” Brent Meredith, Marketing Consultant for Bart Durham Injury Law, said. “You can skip a video; you can’t skip a bus.”

Unlike billboards, radio ads, or digital advertising, bus advertising travels throughout the market and has incredible reach, putting the brand in front of potential customers.

Bus Wraps make a difference

It’s hard to miss the large format, colorful ads that come alive on fully wrapped WeGo buses as they drive through the streets of Nashville. For Bart Durham, we have included one of their paint splatter designs, which serves as the basis for their general ad identity on the road. 

Example of a Bart Durham paint splatter design concept

Bart Durham also likes to mix things up in their advertising.

This Full Bus Wrap incorporates the American Flag to grab people's attention
You can't miss this yellow Bus Wrap on one of WeGo's 60ft articulated buses

They didn’t always use a full fleet of full wraps though.

“When we first started advertising several years ago, we did do multiple sizes on the buses, in addition to the full wraps,” Meredith said. “They were effective, they were fine. They just didn’t have the impact that we were looking for.”

Over time, they started realizing their fully wrapped buses had the most potential of any of their other ad types, and allows each design to fully shine and have a true “Wow” factor.

“We really like full wraps, you get the entire bus, you have a cohesive look and design, you’re not competing with what might be exposed on the sides of the smaller adds,” he said. “So, it just gave us a lot more flexibility. It’s a lot more fun.”

The benefits of partnering with Adsposure

When they first started working with Adsposure, Bart Durham’s team didn’t include their own graphic designers, so they relied on the Adsposure in-house designers to bring their dream to life.

“We’ve had multiple designs where people will take a photo of the bus outside of their office window and post it on social media,” Meredith said. “By creating something that everybody kind of enjoys it’s not just an ad – it’s just fun!”

“I've worked with a lot of other companies and their in-house design departments have never really been as effective and quick to get what we're looking for.”
-Brent Meredith, Marketing Consultant for Bart Durham Injury Law

Today, their designers handle the initial creative, but our team still ensures that whatever is made at Bart Durham will print without issue and fit perfectly on the WeGo buses as intended.

But Adsposure brings more to the table than just a design team.

Adsposure’s partnership with WeGo Public Transit in Nashville means a portion of every dollar spent advertising with us goes directly into the community.

“Nashville has recently increased their time on the road for the buses and there have been more buses added to the roads,” he said. “I think all of that is a direct result of the advertising that’s going on those buses and that’s important to us to see that our spend is helping in some way.”

A unique aspect of bus advertising compared to other media options is how so much of the revenue generated goes right back to local services, often as the largest non-tax revenue source for many transit authorities.

A trusted local partner

While Adsposure is headquartered in Cincinnati, we have a local presence in every market we work in. 

If you’re looking to make the biggest impact you can in any of the 9 markets we currently serve, contact our team and see how a fully wrapped bus can take your brand presence to the next level.