Testimonial – Golden Rule in Des Moines

The following is a testimonial from Bobby Johnson, System Engineer / Sales & Marketing Director with Golden Rule PHC. As a leading Iowa HVAC company, they worked with our Des Moines team on full bus wrap advertising to build their brand and drive new sales. After a successful year, they have decided to expand their program and are seeing the benefits! Here is what they have to say: 

 Known for their gorgeous fleet vehicles and their company values, Golden Rule PHC has been serving the Des Moines area since 1999. Learn about them at www.goldenrulephc.com/

“I took a meeting with Adsposure, and specifically Parker Anderson, to discuss metro transit advertising with a little reluctancy. I was not sure how much this form of advertising would benefit our company. After talking with Parker, looking over the details of other companies and metro areas, and the designs and full wraps that were capable of being done on a bus, I was more and more intrigued.

We had reached a level of company advertising where our focus was on hitting the entire metro with our message versus small pockets as we are a brand advertiser. Plus our brand is very well known so just being seen in more high profile places along side of other major brands in other categories in our market was key to becoming the authority in our industry.

I feel like Adsposure and metro transit advertising has helped us continue to grow our brand and place us in that authority position. We went from one full bus wrap to three in two years and are very happy with our partnership!”

– Bobby Johnson, System Engineer / Sales & Marketing Director with Golden Rule PHC.

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