Tarrant County Public Health unveils new Vaxmobile

In our partnerships with transit authorities, we love it when they embrace our graphics capabilities to push new limits. Especially when they are using the medium for a good cause that benefits the community. 

One great example of that is Trinity Metro over in Fort Worth, TX where a new collaboration is launching.

In partnership with the public health department in their area, they’ve created the Tarrant County Public Health Vaxmobile!

The need for the Vaxmobile

Ever since vaccines first became widely available, Tarrant County Public Health began conducting pop-up vaccination clinics.

Those vaccination clinics were usually requested by people or organizations for events around the city like health fairs, job fairs, festivals or religious events.

Vaxmobile Interior
Courtesy - NBC DFW

When they started, only had a small trailer to take to those sites, limiting the capacity to support those in need. Almost immediately they got to work looking for new solutions involving other organizations. 

Around the same time, Trinity Metro approached TCPH to collaborate and make vaccinations easier in their community, not knowing that they needed a new mobile vaccination clinic.

“Although both of these ideas were independent of each other, it was perfect timing!”
Edrea Au, Public Information Officer for TCPH

Rolling out the Vaxmobile

Vaxmobile Exterior
Courtesy-Tarrant County Public Health

That mutual collaboration has now come to a head and the Vaxmobile is now a reality.

The 60 foot articulated bus was once a part of the Trinity Metro fleet, but we’ve but a new set of graphics on it ready for its new role.


According to Au, it will run once a week with routes determined by current vaccination rates, dosage completion, transportation issues and other local health metrics.

Lending our bus advertising expertise

Our involvement came in by making sure the Vaxmobile looked up to the standards set by TCPH and Trinity Metro. We knew how special this effort was and how important it was for the the message to be clear and impact the most people it can. 

While they sent our design team the fully produced design, we had to ensure that the graphics fit the side of the bus properly.

Then, our installers spared no time in getting the graphic installed at the Trinity Metro garages.

It was only ten days from Adsposure’s first knowledge about the project to getting the graphic fully installed on the bus, ready for its unveiling that Monday.

Vaxmobile installation
Adsposure Install Crew placing the new graphic on the Vaxmobile bus.

Helping our partners succeed

When it comes to ensuring our clients and transit authority partners are happy with our product, we move mountains.

It always excites us when we get to work on a project that breaks new ground, and we hope this new Vaxmobile is successful for Trinity Metro and for TCPH.

Click here to learn more about the new Vaxmobile.