Capitalizing off Brand Recall with Golden Rule and Transit Advertising

There’s something about bus advertising that elevates it above other forms of advertising.  

The fact that it’s a partnership with a transit authority that works for and benefits the community, the sheer size of the bus, something nearly impossible for a private company to emulate at an affordable price.  

It adds an air of legitimacy for a company, and that’s one of the many reasons why Golden Rule Plumbing Heating and Cooling in Des Moines has worked with us at Adsposure year after year.  

Transit Ads take your marketing to the next level

Golden Rule has been working in the greater Des Moines area for 22 years. While they started as just a plumbing company, they’ve since expanded into the HVAC world. 

Ever since, advertising in one way or another has been crucial to their success. 

“When it comes to water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners and garbage disposals, you don’t care about them until they don’t work,” Bobby Johnson, Sales and Marketing Director at Golden Rule, said. “When they don’t work who do you call?” 

Johnson’s hope is that you call the Golden Rule because you see their fleet across the city, you hear their ads on the radio and tv, and most importantly several fully wrapped buses ferrying people all over the Des Moines Market. 

That top-of-mind awareness is everything in our world,” he said. 

This is all because of the strong recall ability of transit advertising. 

In a study by the OAAA, out-of-home advertising had the highest percentage of ad recall of any other form of advertising. You can’t skip it; it’s not competing for attention from other forms of entertainment and it connects with people while they’re engaged with their world. 

Bus Advertising elevates an existing fleet

Johnson was a hard sell on bus advertising initially. 

Golden Rule already had a fleet of 50 work vehicles, with noticeable yellow graphics, making house calls every day.  

“I kind of had the thought process of ‘Why would we do the Metro Transit? We already have this fleet of vehicles that that we own ourselves’,” he said. “It’s not really something that I noticed or paid attention to.” 

After talking with Parker Anderson, our Transit Advertising expert in Des Moines, he realized the impact that a city bus brings with it.  

After all, it wouldn’t make sense for them to buy a vehicle of that size. 

“It very much is an extension of the fleet, it just lends a magnitude, more of a presence and more of an authority within our industry.”
-Bobby Johnson, Golden Rule

Helping Golden Rule succeed

We made it easy for Johnson and the rest of the Golden Rule Team. 

They didn’t know what exactly they wanted the buses to look like, so we supplied examples and drafts until we landed on the stand-out yellow buses you see today. 

Now he’s excited to keep working with us because he’s seen the return on investment and the benefit that transit advertising brings to the Des Moines area. 

“Now that we’ve learned over the years of being with Adsposure and DART, it’s just made us that much more encouraged to do more to wrap more buses, and to have more of a presence because more of it does go back into the city,” Johnson said. 

If you want to reap the same benefits as them, and have an impact in your local community, contact our Adsposure team in your market and see how we can help you!