Successful marketing with transit and bench ads from Adsposure

At Belle Meade Jewelers in Nashville, Owner Scott Isaacs has been using Bench ads for nearly a decade. 


Because it works.

A History in Nashville

The family business started in downtown Nashville, but when they moved to the Belle Meade Plaza, it became even more important for Isaacs to maintain a connection to his neighborhood.

“I think our neighbors appreciate the fact that we’re there for them and they can see our commitment to our neighborhoods in our community by seeing our benches throughout our neighborhood,” he said.

In total, Isaacs has 3 benches strategically located around Belle Meade Plaza, something he is fiercely protective of. 

“When you leave the Belle Meade plaza, the first thing you see is our bench sign,” Isaacs explained. “So everybody lined up at the light gets to see our store. So, maybe next time that they’re in the neighborhood, they can decide to put us into their routine.”

One of Isaacs's Bench Ads on display outside Belle Meade Plaza

The Right Nashville Advertising Option

Isaacs’s plan highlights the strength of the static inventory in many of our markets. It takes advantage of the concept of proximity: by having their bench ads close to the store, especially as people are leaving the area. If they didn’t know there was a neighborhood jeweler when they came in, they will certainly know as they leave.

“When it comes to marketing, we might not want the billboard, but we do want that bench where somebody is going to be at the stoplight and see that we have a jewelry store in the neighborhood,” Isaacs said. “We’d like to have in that connection with the community.”

"When you leave the Belle Meade plaza, the first thing you see is our bench sign."

Using bench ads in Nashville

Bench ads are a popular option in Nashville for a variety of reasons and it all depends on what part of town you’re targeting. 

Many parts of the city attract large amounts of tourists, so the benches are a great way to attract those out-of-town visitors to must-see spots like this example outside of the Hard Rock Cafe on Broadway.

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While not as obviously striking as a fully wrapped bus, bench ads are a great way to target a specific area for your marketing efforts. You can find out more about our bench advertising offerings here.

If you’d like to check out Isaacs’s work, you can find his online shop here.