Serving the Fort Worth and Tarrant County area with Trinity Metro and Adsposure

When you’re in the DFW Area, many are focused on the Dallas part of the acronym, but there’s just as much to enjoy in its neighbor, Fort Worth! From the historic Stockyards, a beautiful downtown area and one of the largest entertainment venues in the country it’s as worthy of a visit as many parts of Dallas.

And for those in the area, there are fewer better ways to get around than Trinity Metro. Not only does the public transit system connect the two cities via rail, but within the greater Tarrant County area, Trinity Metro provides millions of rides a year across their 410 square miles of coverage area.

We spoke with Melissa Chrisman, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Trinity metro to learn about their important mission and how transit advertising fits into their picture.

Trinity Metro Transit Authority

Trinity Metro has been a part of Tarrant County and Fort Worth for “a very long time” says Chrisman.

An Integral part of the community, they run 39 routes with more than 150 buses, including 4 brand new fully electric buses that serve as their Dash routes between downtown Fort Worth and the Cultural District.

“We’re here to move people. We’re here to get people to jobs, health care, education, entertainment and really anywhere that you would want to go, within the city of Fort Worth or Tarrant County.”

Providing Trinity Metro Extra revenue and a necessary service

The most important reason that Transit Authorities have a transit advertising program is because of the additional income that it generates to help improve buses, routes, driver pay and any future expansions.

However, there’s one additional benefit that is often overlooked, and that’s the ability to have an advertising partner ready to step in and assist with any of the internal marketing needs of that transit authority, something that Chrisman and Trinity make excellent use of.

“[The partnership] allows us an additional channel to spread our messages and promote our services,” she said. “We’ve done very successful bus driver recruitment campaigns; we’ve been very successful with advertising some of our other services on our fixed route buses through Adsposure.”

Those recruitment campaigns have been even more important recently. According to Chrisman, trends in the industry show other agencies cutting services and missing trips because they can’t find drivers. She says they haven’t had those issues yet and attributes some of that success to the marketing they’ve done through their partnership with Adsposure.

Not only do we help their messaging but also support their mission of contributing to their local partners by doing everything we can to make sure their ads run smoothly on the Trinity Metro buses.

“So, the Dash all electric bus service is funded through community partnerships so something that we give them in return is the ability to utilize our resources with Adsposure to promote their businesses,” she said. “I’ve heard from several of the museums, they love getting on the Dash in front of their museum and seeing their ad up inside the bus during their trip.”

One of these community partners is the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and you can read more about our project with them here.

Embracing the partnership

We take pride in our transit authority partnerships and Trinity Metro is no different. They truly understand the power of transit advertising and know this is more than just a vendor client relationship.

“It’s really great to have that true partnership and between Trinity Metro and Adsposure to help further the message of everything that both of our organizations are doing,” Chrisman said.

“That’s different than a lot of other relationships that we have with vendors. It’s just a wonderful thing to be able to have people that we can count on, that we can always communicate with, and are very open with their ideas and sharing information.”

If you’d like to contribute to that relationship in Fort Worth, or any of our other markets, contact Adsposure to get started.