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Restaurant Chain Mi Cozumel’s Cost-Effective Strategy To Keep Customers Coming Back

There are countless options when it comes to where to eat in the Cincinnati area. So, it’s extremely important to keep your restaurant’s name and brand in front of the public to stay relevant in such an oversaturated market. That’s why Mi Cozumel, a modern Mexican cuisine restaurant with three locations around the city, chose to advertise with Cincinnati Metro and Adsposure. 

Buses go where their customers are each day, making buses a great restaurant advertising option, and keeping their brand and beautiful design right in front of pedestrians and passengers.

A fully wrapped bus for Mi Cozumel Mexican restaurant. The bus is purple, with vibrant neon colored lettering and photos of their signature margaritas and flaming fajitas. This design shows that restaurant advertising with public transit can be fun and dynamic!
Mi Cozumel's bus showcases their signature margaritas and flaming fajitas, surrounded by bold imagery and their vibrant logo. This shows how restaurant advertising with public transit can be fun and dynamic!

Reaching Their Hungry Target Audience

Mi Cozumel chose to partner with Adsposure to create a mobile marketing tool that drives awareness throughout the Cincinnati area. And their vibrant bus wraps do just that! Their buses travel throughout the entire market – grabbing the attention of people on the go.

So, when hungry commuters heading home from the office see the Mi Cozumel bus drive by, they’re reminded of a mouth-watering option.

Mi Cozumel's full wrap bus sitting in front of one of their locations. The bus is purple with images of their food options and drink options contrasting with the background. Their logo is in the center. People are walking towards the restaurant and looking at the bus.
Mi Cozumel's bus in front of one of their locations, showing passersby where the party is!

Additionally, Mi Cozumel has quite the competition as there are many Mexican cuisine options and restaurants throughout the area. Having their full wrap buses on the streets is a reminder of their brand to the thousands that see the bus each day.

Winning Cinco De Mayo

To drum up excitement around their new fully wrapped bus, Mi Cozumel and Adsposure planned a blip for Cinco de Mayo. Many of Adsposure’s transit authority partners allow blips – which take a specific bus out of service for an event or to visit certain locations.

The bus – created by the Adsposure design team to match the vibrant colors used in the Mi Cozumel logo and featuring their famous margaritas and fajitas – made stops at each of their locations throughout the city. At each stop, cars followed the bus in to check out what was going on, patrons posed and took photos with it, and restaurant staff remarked on how exciting it was to see their brand on the streets.

A close up shot of the Mi Cozumel bus. The logo is in full view, it's primary colors popping off the pink and purple background. There is a skull behind the logo.
Mi Cozumel's full wrap pops! The Adsposure design team made sure that their logo stood out on their moving billboard.

Imagine having that much excitement surrounding your brand each and every day! That’s what a dynamic design on a bus can do! Plus, your marketing dollars go further with transit advertising, as the average number of impressions per $1 spent is 813, compared to only 37 impressions from television and 394 from billboards. A cost effective and current restaurant advertising strategy, transit works hard to make your brand the talk of the town.

And it’s working! Since the Cinco de Mayo celebration, Mi Cozumel has extended their original order from six months to one full year and purchased two more additional full wraps! Soon, there will be more moving billboards winding through the streets of Cincinnati, putting Mi Cozumel’s delicious drinks, and flaming fajitas in front of thousands of hungry Cincinnatians each day.

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