OOH advertising expected to have highest 2021 growth rate across media

Look out advertisers – 2021’s resurgence continues and shows clear signs of interest in OOH campaigns. As reported by MAGNA, OOH is projecting the highest net revenue gains across mediums. As we approach June, the most prominent belief is that as commuter levels increase, advertisers know the value of OOH opportunities and want to make sure they return to capitalizing on the value.  

The same isn’t true for all media; reports show that while print advertising’s net revenues in the U.S fell by 30%, they will continue to lose another 13% from 2019’s levels. They are showing a longer and rougher recovery.

Why OOH is coming back

We already mentioned the gains in commuters and people on the streets, but another reason advertisers are returning in force is that people notice OOH now more than ever, even compared to pre-pandemic levels. 

Also, depending on inventory levels, being first to get back in will mean getting the best rates, so for those businesses expecting a late Summer Fall boom, getting in now and ramping up can lead to serious cost savings, as well as properly building up campaign awareness so that when the peak time arrives, campaigns are already active. 

Overall, things seem to be on the upswing for media buying, and advertisers know that bus advertising, shelters, benches, billboards, and other outdoor media will help get them where they need to go.