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Your Advertising Solution is at Eye Level: Out of Home Advertising Drives Online Engagement and Consumer Interest

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You invest in advertising to bring visitors to your website and create online interest for your organization – but are you investing in the right medium? If out of home advertising isn’t part of your marketing strategy to drive website traffic, generate lead form completion, and create social media engagement, you’re missing out on advertising at an “exceptional value” (OAAA, 2022).  

Comscore, a global media measurement and analytics group, recently conducted a survey that confirmed, for the third time since 2003, the actions consumers take after encountering an advertisement, across a variety of platforms. These actions included website visits, online purchases, social media and video posts, app downloads, video and social searches, and search engine usage. Then, the consumer actions linked to each advertising medium – out of home, television, video ads, display, radio, and print – were compared with the proportion of advertising expenditure allocated to that specific medium. (OAAA, 2022).  

Among the various advertising channels, out of home advertising – like bus, shelter, and bench ads – has emerged as the most effective option in terms of generating online user engagement and conversion, offering a superior value proposition compared to other channels.  

The Numbers Tell the Story – Out of Home Advertising is 5x More Effective

As per Comscore’s research, a significant proportion of consumer actions resulting from ad exposure can be attributed to out of home advertising, accounting for 29% of the total. In contrast, television and video ads contributed to only 22% and 17% of consumer actions, respectively. When considering advertising channels for your business, out of home options like transit ads drive more engagement – which means greater business opportunities for you.  

Out of the actions taken resulting from ad exposure, a significant (29%) proportion can be attributed to out of home advertising - such as bus, shelter, and bench ads.

Additionally, fewer dollars are spent on out of home advertising. According to MAGNA, in 2021 there was $179.1B spent on advertising across the six mediums surveyed, and out of home accounted for only 4% of total ad spend in the United States, or $7.35B (MAGNA, 2021). The level of engagement generated by out of home advertising options is unparalleled in terms of its value. “OOH, television, and video ads all generated a similar share of action across all eight categories, while TV and video ads command 68% of advertising dollars and OOH about 4%” (OAAA, 2022).  

Out of the $180 billion dollars spent on advertising each year, only 4% of the share is dedicated to out of home advertising. Compared to 36% on video ads, and 32% on television.

When deciding where to spend your advertising dollars, out of home is the obvious option. “OOH advertising indexes for search engine activity at 5.3 times the rate we would expect given its relative ad spend,” Comscore shares, “OOH accounted for 22% of the search engine action share but only 4.1% of ad spend share.” By opting for out of home advertising, you can maximize the impact of your marketing dollars and achieve more business growth with less spend. It’s a smart and efficient way to reach your target audience and drive meaningful results. 

How You Can Use Transit Advertising to Your Advantage

From nonprofit organizations wanting to create online brand awareness surrounding their mission, to local businesses looking to increase e-commerce on their website – transit advertising can help you accomplish your goals.  

As many traditional forms of advertising media continue to fragment, out of home advertising steps into the spotlight. You can’t press “skip” on the bus sitting in front of you in traffic. There isn’t a way to change the channel on the bench ad you pass by on your morning walk. Transit advertising is always around, and right at eye level, making it easy for the public to scan your QR code or type in your website address on their mobile device.  

Bench advertising can be a great way to reach your audience right in their neighborhoods!

Additionally, out of home advertising is the way to reach tech-savvy younger generations who may interact with your organization online through your website or social media accounts. According to a study conducted by Kantar Millward Brown, it was discovered that the younger generations, including Gen-Z and Millennials, tended to reject advertisements seen on mobile devices, websites, and apps. In contrast, they showed a preference for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, such as bus or shelter ads (Kantar Millward Brown, 2017).

Integrating a QR code or your web address into your transit advertising design is a great way to drive digital engagement.

For many, seeing how impactful advertising buses, benches, and shelters can be at generating digital activity is an eye opener. And savvy marketers and agencies are taking advantage by making sure that these out of home advertising assets are included in their campaign strategy. Our team knows how to leverage transit advertising to help you achieve your goals, so reserve your space today in any of our markets!