Transit Advertising Makes an Impact in Lexington.

Extend your reach and increase your visibility in beautiful Lexington, home to more than 300,000 people, with bus advertising on Lextran. Thousands of people who share an interest in music, arts and crafts, home and garden, food and of course, bourbon, are drawn to Lexington throughout the year.
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Lexington Advertising Options

The following options for transit advertising are offered specifically in Lexington, availability will vary based on occupied ad space.

Full Bus Wraps

Advertising that covers the entire bus. Benefit from what includes the full sides and rear of the bus for full impact. Full wraps allow you to get creative and make the most from every impression. 

Hughes & Coleman @ McDonalds

Bus Billboard Ads

Large “Portrait or “King Kong” ads that have a large location on the side of a bus. Easy to recognize and with plenty of opportunities. 

Lextran Quit Smoking Bus Billboard Ad

Partial Side Ads

These partial side banner ads come in many configurations, and work well when placed on multiple buses simultaneously.

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky - Lexington

Bus Rear End Ads

“Supertail” or other rear ad formats are easily read and are heavily seen by drivers behind the bus.

BCTC @ Costco

Bus Interior Ads

“Interior Cards” are great for reaching transit users, who are heavy mobile phone users while riding, or to influence an upcoming decision. 

Cash For Books Interior Card

Not sure what would work best or looking for something else?

Contact us today and we will work with you to identify if there is an ideal option in Lexington for your campaign.

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Serving You With Lextran

Lextran is one of the most convenient ways to get around in Lexington, whether you’re a resident, visitor, tourist or student. With routes that hit every major attraction and venue in the city, bus advertising on Lextran will get your message out and in front of consumers where they are and where they’re going.

“When looking at options to get our business out to the world, it's hard to deny the impact of a moving billboard! Out of all the ways we advertise, our transit ads are consistently one of the ones people tell me they see the most! Adsposure has been a great partner and I know their first priority is making sure my business is being seen as much as possible for the best cost.”
- Ryan E., Jolly Plumbing

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