Cincinnati Advertising

Transit advertising in Cincinnati allows your message to reach the greatest amount of people as they flock to the city center for work and play.

Business Growth

Welcome to the Queen City, home to the fastest-growing economy in the Midwest and a bustling, thriving downtown packed with a diverse cross-section of workers, shoppers, and affluent residents. The Central Business District, Over-the-Rhine and Pendleton are home to more than 109,000 workers employed in a diverse cross-section of organizations and industries. That number continues to grow as more companies relocate their offices and workers into the downtown area.

Growth is exploding in downtown Cincinnati. Today, there are $567 million in projects currently under construction in downtown Cincinnati, from major mixed-use developments and hotels, to restaurants, bars and boutiques.

Residential Growth

More than 17,000 people call Downtown home as residential development continued in 2017 with the additions of ENCORE Urban Living, the Market Square apartments project near Findlay Market, and several new condominiums. Downtown Cincinnati continues to be one of the most sought-after areas to live for single people, families, and retirees alike.

Cincinnati at Play

Professional sporting events, festivals, music and entertainment venues draw more than 17.5 million people to Downtown and OTR each year. And, individual events like Oktoberfest Zinzinnati with more than 600,000 in attendance, and Blink, which brought 1 million people to the city center. Out of home advertising immerses itself into our lives as we go about our day, making bus ads and ads placed on street furniture and the Cincinnati Bell Connector an ideal medium to reach consumers at one of the lowest costs per impression in advertising.

Major Events & Attendance

  • Oktoberfest Zinzinnati – 575,000
  • Riverfest & WEBN Fireworks – 500,000
  • Reds Opening Day – 40,000
  • Bunbury Music Festival – 60,000
  • Cincinnati Music Festival – 90,000
  • Taste of Cincinnati – 500,000
  • Blink Cincinnati – 1,000,000


Advertising Options: Bus, Streetcar, Shelter, Ticket Kiosk, Sponsorship/Naming Rights, Digital (coming soon)

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