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Adsposure Names Jason Klare as President

Adsposure is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Klare as the company’s President. Klare, who has served as the Vice President of Sales for Adsposure since May 2018, has a wealth of experience in the transit advertising industry. 

Throughout his career, Klare has been dedicated to building high-performance teams and driving strategic growth. His vision and leadership played an instrumental role in Adsposure’s success, actively growing the company’s portfolio during his six-year tenure, and his appointment as President reflects the company’s commitment to continued innovation and expansion in the public transit advertising industry.

A headshot of Jason Klare. He is wearing a blue button down shirt, with a navy blazer.
Jason Klare will serve as the president of Adsposure. Klare previously served as Vice President of Sales for Adsposure.
"We are thrilled to have Jason Klare step into the role of President at Adsposure. His deep understanding of the transit advertising landscape, coupled with his relentless focus on delivering results, makes him the ideal leader to guide Adsposure into its next phase of growth."
-Ken Black, CEO of EST03, Parent Company of Adsposure

As President, Klare will oversee all aspects of Adsposure’s operations. Klare’s passion for public transportation and advertising, coupled with the company’s positive momentum, signals a bright future for Adsposure. Adsposure is committed to partnering with transit authorities across the United States, working to enhance their advertising programs and generate additional revenue that contributes to the improvement of public transit systems.  

Jason Klare, left, pictured with Lesley Gordon, right. Jason and Lesley are standing in front of an IndyGo bus with an advertisement on it for Tea's Me Cafe.
Jason Klare pictured with IndyGo's Chief Public Affairs Officer Lesley Gordon.

“I am honored to lead Adsposure as President and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead,” said Klare. “I look forward to building on our strong foundation, fostering innovation, and continuing to deliver impactful advertising solutions that bring in impactful revenue for our transit authority partners and the communities they serve.”

Klare’s appointment as President underscores Adsposure’s commitment to leadership excellence and its dedication to providing unparalleled advertising solutions to transit authorities nationwide.

The entire Adsposure team is thrilled to have Jason Klare as our first President. We look forward to Adsposure’s future under his guidance!