Interview: How to Test your Ads’ effectiveness with Out of Home

We recently had a client experiment with a way to get more data on the
effectiveness of their transit advertising and out of home campaign.

Check out the transcript of the whole interview between our Account Executive John Padgett and our Francisco Almenara, our Communications Manager:

Francisco Almenara
So, tell me about this client, would you? How long have they been working with you? What do they do?

John Padgett
It’s the Interactive College of Technology, ICT. They’ve had ads running for
approximately three weeks now and they did a
combination of shelters in Northern Kentucky, along with interior cards on the TANK buses.

Tell me about that conversation that you had with them recently about how just jazzed they were with how well the the ads have been working for them.

I received a phone call from my
contact there, him letting me know how excited they were about the program because they were getting immediate results.

The goal of the campaign was to increase the the amount of phone calls and inquiries that from folks to enroll into the school. And they actually did
something unique on their shelters, they put a
separate phone number on each individual shelter because they wanted to track which part of town was giving them the most feedback, the most inquiries. He called to tell me that it is working and they want to double down in certain parts of town where they’re
really getting a lot of traffic.

How unique was it that they tried
having different phone numbers for different parts of town?

In my experience, we’ve never put separate phone numbers on things. We’ve put separate QR codes on things to direct people to maybe different landing pages. But this was the first time for this. We put, in this
particular instance, five separate phone numbers on five different
shelters. And then also a sixth phone number on all the interior cards.

Did they tell you which ones were working better than others?

They’ve actually had a little more success, and some of the more urban areas. Newport, which is actually where the school is located. Covington, Dayton and Bellevue, which are all cities right there in Northern Kentucky across the river from Cincinnati.

What takeaway Do you have from that conversation that you had with them? Is this
something that you’re going to try to let your future clients know about as well?

I think for any advertising campaign, it’s paramount that you assess and quantify where your advertising dollars are being spent. So this will be a great case study for me to take to the street when I’m speaking to existing clients or future prospects. When they asked me “How can we measure this? How can we know it works?” Well, this is a perfect example: they’re tracking these individual phone calls
coming into these numbers.
They know if it’s working, they know where it’s working.

It’s stories like this that showcase the tremendous ROI that is possible with transit advertising, and how these eye-level messages can make a difference.