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Helping College of DuPage Stand Out

If you’re advertising in a large city, you have a lot of options at your disposal. But if you know what you’re doing, only one really makes sense.

For the College of DuPage in DuPage Illinois, that is transit advertising. When the market is inundated with choices for students to go to college, transit advertising helps CoD make the most of their marketing dollars and target right to the neighborhoods they’re looking for.

College of DuPage is the largest public university in the Greater Chicago area with nearly 22,000 students, but they’re not resting on their laurels. For Laurie Jorgensen, Director of Marketing for CoD, it’s a constant exercise to make sure students are finding out about the opportunities at their campus.

Making Use of Transit's Unique Advantage

When using transit advertising, you know that your bus will go all around the community.

“Transit is one of the few outdoor media platforms that we actually use, because they allow us to be mobile, our message is never in the same place becoming background noise,” Jorgensen said.

“I think the most beneficial part of our partnership with Adsposure is their expertise in their medium,” Jorgensen said.

The challenge Jorgensen faces when it comes to advertising CoD in the Chicago area is that their students are of all ages and it’s hard to know exactly where all those potential students will be all the time. It’s easy to target high school students, adults not so much.

“Adults generally go back to school for very different reasons and we don’t know when those reasons are going to come up. So we have to be out there all the time, and constantly out there getting our message out so that we can let adult students know that we’re here to support them,” she said. 

Bus Advertising Shows a Proven Effectiveness

Jorgensen uses a majority of bus tails as a part of her transit advertising strategy.

Tails are perfect because they are right in the drivers face constantly while the bus is in traffic and so the messaging can be constant and impossible for them to miss.

But there is another benefit

“The tails we like because we can switch them out very frequently, update the messages, we can use them for events, because we can do them for a few weeks, and then change them out,” she said. “So they’re very, very flexible for us and allow us the greatest amount of flexibility and message.” 

Because of that Jorgensen said advertising on public transit has proven to bring a good return on investment, especially when there’s a clear call-to-action.

"When we can actually see those calls, or those emails or those website visits increase, it lets us know that that's working. So it's really it's it's a great satisfaction knowing that we're spending the dollars in the right place."
-Lori Jorgensen, College of DuPage

Supporting College of DuPage Every Step of the Way

It’s important to us to make the transit advertising experience as easy as possible for all of our clients. 

And we’ve done just that for College of DuPage.

 “They understand the type of ads that will work on the buses, the type of artwork that will work and being a real consultant to us in making the most of our message.”

Our team is there to be a partner in your marketing efforts. Our experts are eager to help you out however they can. Contact our Adsposure team in your market and see how we can help you!