Go(o)d Company Interior Takeover

Increasing Creativity with Available Transit Space

Why sell 1% of your bus instead of the full 100%? Most companies think of transit advertising as a single rectangle on the side of a bus.

We see the entire bus as a canvas, both inside and out.

A local streetwear designer wanted to advertise his brand to bus riders in Cincinnati in a creative and memorable fashion that felt true to his brand identity.

Our team identified 35 unique ad spaces inside the bus and designed a complete interior take over that also incorporated the SORTA logo.

Interior spaces that are normally ignored, such as the back wall, seats, and interior panels, were incorporated into the design resulting in a beautiful, unique, and eye-catching interior takeover.

We also made good use of QR codes so riders could easily access the store’s website while on the go.

Take a walk through the bus