Media Agency embraces the effectiveness of Shelter Advertising with Gonzaba Medical Group 

At Adsposure, we work with media agencies as often as we work with end clients. We recognize that Agencies have many projects and campaigns going on simultaneously and at all different stages of development, and we do our part to make transit advertising as stress-free as possible. 

That’s what we strive to do with media agency Growth Consulting in San Antonio. They specialize in media strategizing and media buying, primarily for Gonzaba Medical Group, a senior focused health clinic with seven locations across the city. 

“I’ve been working with Gonzaba for eight years and we’ve evolved into doing different strategies, including some out of home with Adsposure” Scott Keeler, principal of Growth Consulting, said.  

So when Scott was looking for options in San Antonio to give Gonzaba Medical group a boost, Adsposure was here to help. We then worked with him to develop part of his out of home strategy for Gonzaba, by implementing bus shelters in target areas near their various clinics.

“The shelters were instrumental, because they are in the areas that we’re targeting,” Keeler said. 

Getting Past the Clutter

Audiences are constantly being bombarded with advertising, so for your message to really stand out it has to stand out. That’s why transit advertising media work so well, it’s these reliable and impactful media that can tap into a captive audience with no choice but to look at your ads. For Gonzaba, their shelters make great use of that fact. 

Shelters are a popular advertising choice for out of home because they have a targeted location, but unlike billboards, they are eye level for drivers and pedestrians. 

“There’s a lot of clutter in other venues, even in print ads and broadcast,” Keeler said. “When you own a shelter, you own the shelter and that’s all they’re seeing. I like that, as well as the geographic benefit of the location. 

There’s also another major benefit of that physical location. 

“The community knows you’re there,” he said. “We know that part of our ad spend supports the community services like VIA, and for Gonzaba, being part of the community is integral part of their DNA so we reflect that and that kind of vehicle inspires not only customers and patients, but the employees as well.” 

Fitting Transit into the Strategy

The important thing for Keeler and Gonzaba, is giving new clinics a boost in new patients or supporting underperforming clinics.

The use of the shelters has been very effective in making that goal a reality. 

“We know that patients have come in talking about the clinics seeing the ads,” Keeler said. “We’ve also tracked the clinics performance and the performance of relative to the shelters, because we have a specific phone number, and we can see calls coming in from them.”  

He says that while it’s hard to quantify in terms of exact ROI, anecdotally however the growth they’ve seen has been remarkable. 

“We’ve been very, very pleased with adding this piece several years ago,” Keeler said. 

“We've been very, very pleased with adding this piece several years ago."
-Scott Keeler, Growth Consulting

Helping Gonzaba Stand Out

We have enjoyed being a trusted partner for Gonzaba and Growth consulting for years. One thing that we pride ourselves on is making sure that their ads are an accurate representation of their company. That is why we jump into action as soon as they let us know something needs to happen 

“We’re doing a fair amount of work with Adsposure, we like the people, stuff gets fixed and Adsposure has stood by their word and,” Keeler said. “I enjoy working with them and I have a good relationship with them.” 

Transit shelter advertising can have limited availability in various markets, but our experts can work with you to meet your transit advertising goals, no matter what they may be. Reach out to let us know what you need and see if we can build a plan that helps you achieve your advertising goals.