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Creating a Rolling Art Exhibit for Go Public in San Antonio

When you think of student art, typically it’s on display on parents’ fridges or school lobby, rarely given the chance to be seen by a whole community.

But Go Public in San Antonio wanted to do something different for students in the various San Antonio area Independent School Districts (ISDs) and make their art shine.

That’s why they partnered with us at Adsposure and the Texas Cavaliers to find a way for the entire community to see the kids’ art.

“We wanted to provide an opportunity for the students to see their artwork larger than life on a bus,” Lisa Losasso Jackson, Executive Director of Go Public, said. “Not only is so exciting for the students, but for many it has a very dramatic impact on them in a positive way.”

A Student and School Support Organization

GoPublic is a unique type of non-profit. Its purpose is to highlight and promote the things happening at the ISDs in San Antonio.  

The student art bus campaign has been an important part of their efforts in that regard for years, but this time it was different and Adsposure was a driving force behind that. 

“This was the third year that we did this initiative and it’s typically the biggest event that we do all year,” she said. “This one was definitely the most turnout we’ve ever seen.”  

A big part of that was due to the hard work and effort our designers put in, working alongside Lossaso Jackson every step of the way.

“The teachers, the staff, the educators, the students, it’s them – they’re the ones who are the successes in everything that we do. And my job is to just shine a big spotlight on that,” Lossaso Jackson said.

Helping make the event special

With more than 200 people in attendance, everything had to be perfect for the unveiling of their art two buses, one for the elementary school winners and one for the high school winners. 

“With Adsposure, it just was so efficient. It was a huge project. And not only was the process effortless, but the enthusiasm and personal investment that Adsposure had, it meant so much to me, it meant so much to those who are part of this project,” Losasso Jackson said.

What was unique about this project was that Go Public gave our designers complete creative freedom over the bus. All they needed from us was for the students’ art to be displayed. 

“I got to speak like one on one directly with the designer,” she said. “It was so helpful to connect with the designer, because then we got to talk about what this project was and what it meant, and who’s involved in it, with the students experiences, and I could see that she really took that in and it’s obvious in the design that she produced.” 

In the end, the Adsposure creative team built a cohesive and connected artistic work that interconnected the amazing work done by all the students, really making the entire bus stand out like no other. 

“They were amazed that their artwork could be on something so significant, like a bus.”
-Lisa Losasso Jackson, Go Public

Being the partner Go Public needed

Helping out the non-profits that support the communities we serve is an integral part of what we do at Adsposure. Knowing that the artwork that we created had such an impact means a lot to us. 

“Just seeing their faces, especially the students and of course the parents, they were so excited,” Lossaso Jackson said. “They were amazed that their artwork could be on something so significant, like a bus.” 

Something like this is a real highlight of what’s capable with transit advertising. 

If you have an artistic idea you’d like expressed on the side of a bus in your community, reach out to our team and see how we can collaborate!