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Bus and Bench Ads in Booming Fort Worth

As one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Fort Worth is a vibrant hub of activity that offers a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a diverse audience. What makes advertising in Fort Worth even more enticing is the ability to simultaneously target locals and tourists who are visiting Fort Worth from its bustling neighbor, Dallas. With limited ad space available in this popular area, creative solutions have emerged, and one of the most effective and innovative methods is utilizing buses and benches to showcase eye-catching advertisements.

Photo of Downtown Fort Worth, Texas at sunset
Fort Worth, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, and is only a little over 30 miles from neighboring Dallas.

From the world’s largest Honky-Tonk Billy Bob’s Texas to the Fort Worth Stockyards, there are plenty of attractions, restaurants, and activities bringing people to Fort Worth – and more opportunities for people to see your ad!

Best of Both Worlds – Reach DFW Area through Trinity Metro

According to new Census Data, Fort Worth is adding a “busload” of new residents each day—welcoming over 19,000 people from July 2021 and July 2022. And, with Dallas less than 35 miles away, advertising in Fort Worth is a two for one deal.

With all this growth, businesses and non-profit organizations are competing for minimal advertising space in a crowded market. Breaking through the noise is difficult, and that’s where Adsposure comes in. Bus advertising allows your business to have a billboard moving throughout the Fort Worth area, right at eye level for pedestrians and drivers. The Trinity Metro buses hit all of the most popular spots in Fort Worth, so your ad can be seen by people on the streets at the Stockyards, or commuters in the car driving through their neighborhood!

Trinity Metro bus with an advertisement on it for the John Zimmerman Group
The John Zimmerman Group in Fort Worth, Texas knows the value of a creative and eye-catching ad

But if your business is looking to attract populations in a specific neighborhood or area, bench advertising is your solution. Adsposure has over 450 benches in Fort Worth,  sitting at highly populated intersections that people pass each and every day. These benches in high traffic areas are seen by people traveling in vehicles, and as pedestrians and commuters make use of these benches, they are naturally drawn to the advertisements displayed on them, creating a captive audience for your message.

A bench in Fort Worth that has an advertisement on it for The Language of Beauty in African Art exhibit at the Kimbell Art Museum
The Kimbell Art Museum utilized a bench in a busy area to promote an upcoming exhibit

Creative Advertising Solutions

From beautiful full wrap buses to unique benches, you can share your brand with the people of Fort Worth in an original and captivating way. Billy Bob’s Texas did just that with their full driver-side ad that promotes upcoming shows at the Honky-Tonk. The creative design allows for elements of the ad to be changed every two weeks to stay current. 

Half wrap bus for Billy Bob's Texas
Billy Bob's Texas wrapped half of a bus in a creative campaign promoting upcoming events - and had an element that could be updated every two weeks!

And people in Fort Worth are excited over this brilliant ad, according to Billy Bob’s marketing director Katie Cartrette, “I have gotten photos, snapshots from people who have just been eating downtown or somewhere in the stockyards and saw our bus they’ve snapped pictures so really, really excited about that.”

The booming city of Fort Worth, Texas provides an ideal landscape for bus and bench advertising. With nearly 1 million residents and attracting many tourists each year, businesses have an opportunity to reach a diverse and engaged audience. By leveraging the two-for-one advantage of targeting both locals and tourists from neighboring Dallas, advertisers can maximize their reach and impact. The creative solutions offered by Adsposure, such as bus ads and bench advertising, ensure that your brand will be prominently displayed in high-traffic areas throughout Fort Worth. Whether it’s a full wrap bus ad or a strategically placed bench, these innovative advertising methods capture the attention of pedestrians and drivers, creating a captive audience for your message.

Do not miss the opportunity to share your brand with the vibrant community of Fort Worth through these original and effective advertising solutions with Adsposure.