Bus Wraps Bring Colorful Imagery to Des Moines Streets

With Summer 2021 heating up both in temperature and economic activity, Iowa and Des Moines businesses are ramping up their efforts to bring in customers, generate new leads, and make their message heard. This translates to many more beautiful, fully wrapped DART buses on city streets, as businesses find creative ways to bring bright colors and imagery across the community.

This Summer and through 2021, you're likely to notice a variety of Hyvee buses with creative and vibrant ads featuring food, baskets, and much more.

Just recently at DART Central Station, Des Moines Transit Advertising Consultant Parker Emory Anderson was at the station when he saw only fully-wrapped buses entering and leaving the area. Seeing only bright and colorful buses across the depot showed just how prominent they have become in 2021. Among them, Hy-Vee, University of Northern Iowa, Heartland Flagpoles & Custom Flags, and Golden Rule Plumbing Heating & Cooling buses were all present as they headed out through the community again.

According to Anderson, the strategy behind this out of home media comes down to being simple yet impactful. 

“My first order of business is to ensure that my clients thrive not only with massive visibility, but also that their ads run continuously on a daily basis,” he said. “ I call this ‘unskippable content.’ These large, dynamic 3D billboards move through traffic at eye-level and simply cannot be missed by the shiny new cars on the outside of the vehicles.”

But there’s more to the mix than just eye-catching designs that Parker estimates will garner more than 5.5 million impressions annually. These assets — coupled with the connotation of community involvement and giving back to the city in which we live and work — pack a mean punch. 

In his words, “it’s a recipe for undeniable success alongside any company’s marketing efforts.  We are playing to win-win and work famously together with traditional and targeted online strategies, or as a core advertising tactic.  The sky’s the limit for what we can do with these creatives.”

Parker Anderson - Des Moines
Parker Anderson - Adsposure Transit Advertising Consultant

Businesses Wrap Buses Because It Works

Outdoor Advertising is known for being practical and coming in diverse formats, and transit formats such as bus wraps are included. Key differences being that bus advertising travels across the community, going to key populated areas, and traveling in and around communities in ways no other ad can.

Heartland Flags & Gifts has the branding game down with sports focused and flag focused designs.

Bus Wraps Can Generate Publicity

One nice part of bus advertising is that it is seen positively in the community (STAT), and because it is up close and personal, people feel like they can engage with the creative and see it as more than an ad. Businesses leverage partnerships with nonprofits and awareness campaigns that generate publicity, interviews, and articles that grow awareness and brand image. Others leverage wrapped buses for events, grand openings, campaign launches, and other show stopper qualities.

You can work with DART to bring your bus to an event to elevate the scene and possibly drive media coverage and extra attention, just like DMACC did.

Low Impression Costs Makes Bus Advertising A Strong Contender for Ad Dollars

One reason advertisers in Des Moines are leveraging buses is the massive impressions that campaigns can receive compared to the cost. Being market-wide continuously is an effective way of building a brand.

Creative freedom really enables full wrapped buses to come to life

As summer continues, it will be fun to see what other advertisements and companies enter the fray of bus advertising and find ways to communicate their brands in a way all of Des Moines is sure to notice.

Have questions about Des Moines Advertising? Parker Anderson is available at panderson@adsposure.com to answer any questions.