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Adsposure and KCATA Renew Transit Advertising Agreement

They say that long lasting relationships are a sign of success, and you can’t see that any better than with renewing transit advertising agreements.  With that, Adsposure is proud to announce a renewed partnership with Kansas City Area Transportation Authority that went into effect on September 30th, 2022.

The renewal is the culmination of years of success developing he transit media market in Kansas City, where Adsposure and KCATA have been partners in transit advertising for the past five years and now are excited to continue working alongside them for another three years.

The extension of this contract shows the continuing value of transit advertising in a world of media fragmentation. In a world where audiences are bombarded with ads on TV, web and radio, transit advertising provides a medium that can’t be ignored. You can’t skip a bus, and we at Adsposure strive to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our transit authority partners that are worth continuing. 

“We are thrilled to be continuing our partnership with KCATA to elevate its transit advertising efforts in and around the Kansas City area,” said Ken Black, CEO of Adsposure. “With this initiative, we will be able to help KCATA feed additional revenue back into the local communities, something that is incredibly vital now, more than ever.”

“We’re excited to continue working with Adsposure for all of our transit advertising needs,” said KCATA. “They have been an effective partner for so many years and we look forward to fostering the growth from their continued success.”

Working to Support Kanas City

Adsposure has been working hard for the past five years to continue bringing high quality advertisers to KCATA’s buses. Half of every one of those advertising dollars goes back into supporting the Kansas City community through funding public transit and KCATA.

In 2022, KCATA was awarded Outstanding Public Transportation System by the American Public Transit Association and we look forward to continuing to be the partner supporting one of the best Transit Systems in the country.

Advertisers and agencies interested in transit advertising opportunities in Kansas City can find more information and request a media kit at or call the Adsposure office at 833-BUS-WRAP (833-287-9727).