2023 Adsposure Transit Awards

The 2023 Adsposure Transit Awards Results Are In!

For the third year in a row, we are celebrating creative and impactful advertisements from across the United States.

This year, we received thousands of votes for each market’s nominees. Campaigns from 2023, voted on and chosen by Adsposure’s review committee, competed for recognition across four distinct categories: Biggest Impact, Creativity, Community Awareness, and Eye-Level.

We are excited to celebrate the hard work of marketing and design teams, and to highlight beautiful and eye catching campaigns across our markets. 


View the Results in Each of our Transit Markets!

Cincinnati Transit Awards Winners

Des Moines Transit Awards Winners

Fort Worth Transit Awards

Indianapolis Transit Awards Winners

Kansas City Transit Awards Winners

Lexington Transit Awards

Northern Kentucky Transit Awards Winners

Youngstown Transit Awards Winners

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Rules & Conditions

Campaigns nominated ran advertising at any point in 2023.

Every person is able to vote in all award categories for each market once daily.

One vote for each award category per day per unique IP Address is accepted and counted.

All voting occurs on adsposure.com

Images for category headers randomly selected

Voting ends April 7th

About the Nominees

Each nominee was nominated internally by the various Adsposure departments to exemplify the values of that award category and ran at any point during 2023 in one of the 8 U.S. markets that Adsposure serves.

We genuinely believe that these nominees represent those brands and companies that made the most of this compelling medium.

Each winner will be recognized for their achievement, receive an award to forever recognize their ad, and will receive a transit award recipient badge.