Transit Advertising Goes With Television like Peanut Butter Goes With Jelly

When it comes to effective campaigns, using various tactics in combination to achieve your goals is a smart and proven way to maximize results.  For those that heavily utilize television placements, transit ads such as bus wraps help break through the ad clutter and broaden reach in the market. 


Why Add Transit To Your TV Campaigns

Benefits of TV Ads

Adding Transit Ads

Prime Time Coverage

TV hits it’s largest audience 8 PM to 11 PM.

Audio & Visual Message

Having a message displayed with audio and video may be expensive but can be effective.

Short Burst Exposure

Sixty 30 second ads = 30 minutes of exposure in a week.

Diverse Technology
Today’s technology allows viewing a DVR program to fast forward through expensive commercials.
Around the clock

Adding Transit Media provides 20 hours a day of ads simultaneously hitting a wide demographic.

Bold Messages That Move

The big, bold in your face bus ad is great reminder of a TV ad with consistent, creative messaging.

All Day Exposure

Transit media is always out there with your campaign, resulting in around the clock coverage.

Unavoidable Messaging

Transit advertising cannot be ignored or turned off.

When you add transit to TV, you get a one-two punch that is impactful both with quick bursts, and reinforced with consistent and wide spread exposure.

TV & Transit By The Numbers

Impression Cost Comparison

Advertisers keep coming back to transit because of the value. Impression costs are extremely low by comparison. Adding transit can dramatically increase the frequency and total exposure of a campaign. 

Consumer Ad Favorability

Both Television ads and Out Of Home ads are seen favorability by audiences, but because transit ads are not interruptive ads like commercials, they are seen even more favorably, and when creatively used offer a unique ad experieince. 

Advertising Effectiveness of TV and Out of Home

TV ads have a very wide range of impact on viewers, which can be the result of timing, hitting the right audience, or if commercial messaging gets lost in the creative process. Transit and Out-Of-Home ads have less risk of missing the mark, and have fundamental value that is hard to beat. 

Adding Transit Increases Reach


On average, OOH like Transit ads reach an additional 18% of the target market to those that were exposed to a tv campaign alone. Adding transit can result in more customers that would never have seen the TV ads alone. 

Broadcast With Transit & Cable With Transit

Broadcast With Transit

Cable With Transit

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