Welcoming Quentin Williams to the Adsposure team

Quentin Williams – Media Expert now representing Adsposure

Adsposure has a new account executive joining the experienced team in Chicago’s suburbs!

Quentin Williams has been with Adsposure for a couple months now and has already been pounding the pavement, connecting with local businesses on how best to use the opportunities through Pace Suburban bus to help them market to their community. 

Quentin has over 15 years of experience in account management, starting out selling home improvement in 2007 but quickly transitioning to the Out of Home advertising space, where he could focus on making sure that client’s messages are recognized and impactful.  At one point, he even sold Pace bus assets during his tenure at CBS Outdoor, well before Adsposure became Pace’s advertising partner. 

Proven Out of Home Experience

While his focus was on billboards, he’s excited to focus on bus advertising, because he knows the formats true value and unmatched potential.  

“If you know how to explain it to the customer, it’s more valuable than billboards and is more valuable than downtown CTA,” he said. “That’s all because there’s 2 million people in the city, while there’s 6 million people in the surrounding suburbs.”  

A Lifelong Chicago Media Expert 

Quentin is a lifelong Chicagoan. He loves the area and he loves helping his neighbors succeed because he knows that they care about him as much as he cares about them. 

“The Midwest is the best place in the world, in Chicago and Illinois area, they are listeners, they know the importance of advertising,” he said. “So I’m not the individual to try and get the cheapest, I just want to give them the best.” 

Quentin is excited to meet with potential advertisers in person this summer and show them the possibilities that effective transit advertising can provide.  

He knows the out of home marketing space, knows how effective it can be, but more importantly how compatible it is with other forms of advertising. 

“I'm not the guy to come in and say, you need to stop doing billboards, stop running radio, and just get on the Pace bus and you got this. I'm here to say: listen, every medium complements the other. They work together.”

Adsposure is excited to welcome him to the team and is looking forward to seeing Quentin work with companies and marketing departments by put together effective transit ad campaigns. 

Make sure to reach out to him at qwilliams@adsposure.com to see how he and Adsposure can help you grow your business.