Welcoming Dan Gray to the Chicago Adsposure team

Dan Gray – Media Expert now representing Adsposure

Adsposure has a new account executive joining the experienced team in Chicago’s suburbs!

Dan Gray has been with Adsposure for a couple of weeks now and is already making great strides in the transit advertising space, learning how best to use the opportunities through Pace Suburban Bus to help area businesses market to their community. 

Bringing Years of Experience to Adsposure

While he’s new to the transit space, he’s quite experienced in the advertising field.

Dan started as a media buyer at an ad agency in Minneapolis back in 1995 and quickly transitioned into the television ad sales world, where he spent most of his career up until this point. 

One of the most stand out things about advertising is the creativity it breeds. While Dan truly embraces that aspect of the business, the most rewarding element for him is helping other businesses grow. 

“I was on the new business team when first starting out, so I worked with smaller local businesses looking at their marketing budget and trying to help build their business,” he said. “At the national level it was really enjoyable working with people all over the country, getting different perspectives.” 

He plans to bring that same passion to Adsposure and his Chicagoland business neighbors.  

Ready to Help his Neighbors Succeed

Dan has spent the last 20 years in the area. He understands the needs of his fellow Chicagoans and how they can best use Pace transit to make the most of their marketing dollars. 

One major reason for that is his close knowledge of the benefits of transit, in general, because he’s been an active user of public transportation throughout his years in Chicago. 

“The Pace buses were pretty recognizable in that they’re all blue, but I didn’t realize, living in the city, that their coverage encompasses the entire Chicagoland suburban area,” he said. 

He says the huge opportunity and potential growth initially got his attention and he’s excited to make it work to the fullest.  

He looks forward to using his years working with agencies and marketers that has given him the insight to uncover business at agencies and help educate them on the benefits of Pace mass transit.

“We can stand out by helping educate the agency on how they can utilize Pace as an affordable and viable medium in their marketing plans.”  

Adsposure is excited to welcome him to the team and is looking forward to seeing Dan work with companies and marketing departments by putting together effective transit ad campaigns. 

Make sure to reach out to him at dgray@adsposure.com to see how he and Adsposure can help you grow your business.