Taylor Swift Takes Over Greater Cincinnati Transit

Tank Bus with Swiftie22 as the Route
The Swiftie22 is ready for a big weekend bringing thousands of Taylor Swift fans to Paycor Stadium. Photo: TANK

Are you … Ready For It? Taylor Swift is coming to Cincinnati’s Paycor Stadium for her once-in-a-lifetime Eras Tour, and she’s bringing tens of thousands of Swifties with her. With the stadium located in an already congested area, and surrounded by two division leading sports teams who will also be in town (FC Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Reds), it is sure to be busy June 30th and July 1st for fans traveling to see the Fearless singer.

But You Need To Calm Down, because local transit authorities in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are here to help you through what could be a Treacherous travel weekend.

TANK'S Taylor Transit Takeover

The Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK), is preparing for a Taylor transit takeover, offering both a Park & Ride Shuttle service from Northern Kentucky University for $3 round trip, and Southbank Shuttle services for $1 a ride from Fountain Square in front of the Westin Cincinnati to Covington, Newport, and Bellevue across the Ohio River. Both operate until Midnight. Plus, TANK will be throwing the ultimate pre-concert parking lot party, with a DJ dedicated to Taylor Swift songs, trivia, a photo backdrop, and friendship bracelets – it’s sure to be The Best Day.

Photo of TANK group with the Swiftie22 bus
All aboard the Swiftie22, including Taylor herself! Photo: TANK

Cincinnati Metro Provides an Affordable Solution

And on the other side of the river, Cincinnati Metro has seven 24-hour routes operating (Rts. 4, 11, 17, 33, 43, 51, 78) and several Park & Ride locations (where parking is free!) throughout Greater Cincinnati. Tell Me Why you’d choose expensive downtown parking or surge rideshare prices over affordable fares! Plus, you can easily plan your trip through Google Transit’s Trip Planner, to find out which routes fit your trip All Too Well.

Photo of Metro Cincinnati riders with Taylor Swift in the bus
Taylor says choose transit! Photo: Metro Cincinnati

And while you’re riding the bus in Style, take a moment to Breathe and take in the interior and exterior ads that are on your Getaway Car. Adsposure is a proud partner of both TANK and Metro and looks forward to sharing the message and mission of many local businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area through transit advertising with Swifties this upcoming weekend. And for our advertisers, with Taylor’s Tour bringing in an estimated $92 million dollars to the region, think of the increased visibility and reach your ad will have driving through streets crowded with concertgoers. Who knows, your ad might be The Lucky One that is on the Swiftie Shuttle!

So Swifties, sit back and take in all the Gorgeous advertisements around you! We hope everyone traveling to the concert gets there safely, and when It’s Time To Go, know you can depend on your local transit authorities.