Marketing to the Elderly & Disabled Community

If you’re looking for a way to get your marketing message in front of elderly consumers as well as consumers with disabilities, consider out-of-home transit media, and more specifically, paratransit advertising.

In most markets, paratransit shuttles and vans have the same expansive route coverage as the transit bus system does, but there’s an added benefit because paratransit provides door-to-door service. These vehicles travel in and out of neighborhoods all around town as they make their way through the city to major medical centers, shopping centers and even entertainment areas. Many neighborhoods have zoning laws that do not allow for billboard advertising. Out-of-home transit advertising can deliver a big, bold, eye-level message into neighborhoods like no other outdoor media can.

Advertising to seniors and the disabled community on the side of a paratransit bus means you’ll not only reach consumers with a need for health-related products and services, but you’ll also reach consumers driving or walking past these shuttles and everyone visiting one of the facilities the shuttle bus is delivering to.

This may not have crossed your mind - if your business is in the home repair services industry, landscaping or any business that provides a product or service to a consumer’s home, putting your marketing message on the side of a paratransit bus means your company is getting coverage directly to the people who will need your service either now or in the future. Transit media creates top-of-mind awareness which every business wants!

Of course, paratransit advertising is ideal for healthcare providers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical products, nursing homes, and home health services because your potential customer base is the captive audience utilizing the service.

If you’d like to learn more about how to put transit media to work, contact Adsposure for more information and a media plan that will get results for your business.

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