Become a Part of the Fabric of Downtown Des Moines

The D-Line Shuttle reaches the more than 80,000 people who come to work in downtown Des Moines, as well as the more than 13,000 residents who call downtown Des Moines home.

If you’d like to advertise in downtown Des Moines, becoming the Naming Rights Sponsor of the D-Line Downtown Shuttle has a lot of benefits.

  • Maintaining relevance and visibility in a competitive marketplace
  • Creating brand preference with daily reminders to consumers
  • Free media mentions in association with the D-Line Shuttle

The D-Line connects your company with consumers, in all demographics, where they live, work and play. What better way to reinforce your brand message than to have five fully branded buses traveling the downtown loop six days a week?

Major employers like Nationwide Insurance, Wells Fargo, Wellmark, Principal Financial, Ruan Transportation, EMC Insurance, Banker’s Trust, Voya and Meredith Corporation are all located in downtown Des Moines. Annual event attendance reaches more than 1 million consumers in every demographic, and Des Moines draws in nearly 14 million visitors each year. The city is vibrant and booming!

Out-of-home transit advertising engages with, and surrounds consumers. If you haven’t considered outdoor advertising in Des Moines, now is the time.

Did you know out-of-home advertising is a proven media amplifier because it extends reach and frequency in integrated campaigns, and is the most effective driver of mobile, social and digital engagement? It is! Consumers spend 70% of their day outside the home where transit bus ads reach them in cars, on foot or riding in mass transit.

Let us show you how a D-Line Shuttle Naming Rights Sponsorship will make your business a part of the fabric of downtown Des Moines.

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