Adsposure to Improve Cincinnati Transit Experience
New project invests in Cincinnati's shelters and benches

example shelter like what is coming to Cincinnati
 Example shelter that will be similar to those installed with the 10 year project (actual shelter design will vary)

(Cincinnati, Ohio - July 7, 2020) – Adsposure to Improve Cincinnati Transit Experience

Adsposure’s upcoming project with SORTA, the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, was recently featured by the Cincinnati Business Courier before the 4th of July holiday. The article focuses on the $7 million dollar investment Adsposure is making to revitalize the Cincinnati transit experience with new shelters and benches for riders. Adsposure CEO Ken Black was quoted saying, “We’ve managed advertising for Cincinnati Metro’s fleet for the past 14 years and are thrilled to have the opportunity to further invest in the ridership experience for the community while providing new advertising opportunities for local and national businesses."

A BIG Increase in SORTA Assets  

Bench stats grow from 50 to 450 benches and 260 shelters
This shows the dramatic increase in SORTA bench and shelter assets created by the project

In the article, SORTA/Cincinnati Metro CEO Darryl Haley expressed how he recognizes the need for shelters and benches in the greater Cincinnati area. That need can be seen in the limited official benches and shelters currently in operation, where SORTA currently only supports 50 benches and 55 existing shelters. The agreement will increase the number of maintained Cincinnati transit benches by a factor of nine, and will install over five times as many shelters compared to what are in use today. All more important when in Cincinnati, Ohio, where recent years have had record precipitation and severe weather.

Overall clearly a win for Cincinnati and SORTA, while also providing smart additional options for advertising that benefit our own community.

Increased Cincinnati Advertising Opportunities

With the enhancements, the available inventory for advertisers will also increase. Allowing local and regional advertisers to focus on locations that meet their demographics, while increasing total exposure and awareness for national advertisers as well. Interested in learning about the advertising opportunities with this enhancement? Let us know about your goals and we can see if you are a good fit for transit advertising. Just call (513) 554-8100.

You can read the full article about the project here (must be a Cincinnati Business Courier Subscriber) 

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