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Bus advertising on the KCATA increases the visibility of your message in Kansas City’s urban core and extends its reach into the city’s suburbs.

Hosting 25.2 million visitors each year, Kansas City is home to a vibrant arts, culture and entertainment scene, supported by 12 professional sports teams, and NASCAR. Its low cost of living combined with a diverse and educated workforce has helped create a thriving business community that’s home to 400 “brain-powered” businesses in the city center.

Highly desirable downtown employers have helped spark a 6% hike in Kansas City’s population in the past decade, resulting in more than 23,000 people living downtown. And, more than 20% of the downtown residents are millennials.

Kansas City also boasts some of the most impressive shopping districts in the Midwest, bringing thousands of commuters – and their spending power – to places like Country Club Plaza, Crown Center, City Market, Brookside and the Crossroads Arts District.

Major Events & Attendance

  • Octoberfest – 500,000
  • Plaza Art Fair – 250,000
  • Kansas City Riverfest – 60,000
  • Rockfest Kansas City – 50,000
  • Kansas City Farmers Market – 600,000
  • Brookside Art Fair – 70,000


Advertising Options: Bus, Paratransit
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