Transit Advertising in Des Moines

Transit advertising in Des Moines gives you more reach and visibility in the fastest-growing major city in the Midwest.

Des Moines, Iowa’s capital city, is a hub of government and business activity, culture and entertainment. Major employers, particularly in the healthcare and financial services sector, bring a diverse demographic of more than 80,000 daily commuters from a five-county region to downtown Des Moines each weekday.

Attractions like the Science Center of Iowa, Adventureland Park, the Blank Park Zoo and the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden help attract more than 14 million people to Des Moines every year. Annual events like the Iowa state Fair and the International Wrestling Championships bring more than a million people from across the world to Des Moines.

What better way to capture their attention than through transit advertising they can’t turn off?

Major Events & Attendance

  • Iowa State Fair – 1,130,260
  • Des Moines Art Festival – 200,000
  • Des Moines Music Festival – 16,000
  • World Food and Music Festival – 88,000
  • Italian Festival – 16,000
  • Grand Blue Mile – 30,000


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