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Helping the Hispanic Chamber amplify their voice in Fort Worth

In Fort Worth Texas, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has been a beacon for the community for nearly 50 years, raising Hispanic voices and helping businesses of all sizes.

“Fort Worth right now is the second fastest growing city in the country,” Annette Landeros, President and CEO of the FWHCoC said. “We just want to make sure that we amplify all the voices of all the communities.”

They knew that the work they were doing was helping their community, but one thing they were missing was an even greater awareness of their presence the area business community. That’s when one of their longtime partners, Trinity Metro, suggested they try bus advertising.

At the time, their 48th Annual Gala was right around the corner. Their goal with the event every year is to celebrate and honor the local minority-owned small business community. But this time, they needed a stand-out centerpiece to wow everyone as they walked in. Working with Trinity Metro to make it happen, we at Adsposure were happy to provide.

Hecho en Fort Worth

The pandemic was a difficult time for businesses all over the world, and that was no different in Fort Worth, so the Chamber of Commerce came up with a campaign to bring some energy back to their struggling city.

“We thought we have to do something that just kind of is a rallying cry of “We’re proud of you all we’re proud of what you’re making here in our city,” Landeros said.

Inspired by Hecho en Mexco Logo that the Mexican government uses to signify goods made in Mexico, the Chamber put their own spin on it with their Hecho en Fort Worth campaign.

“It’s the companies that are being created, it’s artists that are creating, it’s storytellers, it’s families that are growing here in Fort Worth, if you were born here, you were Hecho en Fort Worth,” Landeros said. “It was just a moment in time of saying, we are so proud of who we are, we’re going to double down on that and give people a positive message to go with.”

A Rolling Art Display

To continue with their goal of raising up their local Hispanic community, the design for the whole Hecho en Fort Worth campaign was created by a local Hispanic artist.

“It was really exciting, because not only are we showcasing our chamber, but we’re showcasing a Hispanic woman owned business as well and her talent,” Landeros said.

The bus design was unveiled at the Chamber’s 48th annual Gala at a grand unveiling, the most fanfare one of our buses has received in recent memory.

“When people pulled in now to the valet, they pulled in right next to the bus,” she said. “It was just perfectly staged for them to get out dressed up in their ball gowns and their tuxedos, and to take a picture with it.”

After the Gala, the bus has become a staple on the Chamber’s social Media pages with all the excitement to show it off.

Not only that, but the design also helped them win the most creative design category of the first ever Adsposure Transit Awards.

Helping Community Organizations

For Adsposure, it’s important to find partnerships that better the communities we serve, and that’s exactly what this was for us at Adsposure  We were proud to be a part of Trinity Metro’s Donation to the chamber as a part of our greater dedication to the Fort Worth Community.

“We’re so grateful for them because they’re amplifying our message as a nonprofit and what we’re trying to do for a business community that at that point was really suffering, and allowed us to have a very positive moment for our businesses,” Landeros said.

And she hopes that other nonprofits see this as an example of how they can be seen in their communities.

“Hopefully other organizations will see it and say, ‘You know what, we didn’t think about [transit advertising] It’s a great investment. Maybe we should consider different avenues of getting our message out’,” she said.

The Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce already had a captive audience through their social media and internal marketing efforts. But they needed a way to get their message out in a new way.

Ever since their bus hit the streets, Landeros says they are getting noticed more and more.

“We actually get text messages and emails of photos of the bus wherever it is in the city,” she said. “There’s new people that are taking pictures of the bus as well, because the message resonates with them.”

If you’re looking for similar results, reach out to our teams in your city.