Congratulations to Adsposure Transit Awards Winners!

The results are in!

We were blown away by the number of votes nominees received throughout the 3-week campaign of our first ever Transit Awards.

Thanks to nearly 11 thousand votes, we were able to select clear winners in every category.

The Adsposure Transit Awards are a way to recognize the efforts of marketing teams across the country who have worked hard to create stand-out ads, works of art, to emblazon upon the buses, benches, and shelters in our nine markets. 

We put together four categories in each markets: Biggest Impact, Creativity, Community Awareness, and Eye-Level. Our teams chose nominees based on ads that ran in 2021.

“Our community of partners and advertisers really ran with these new awards, as one more way to showcase the great work they are doing, and to keep these awesome campaigns alive a little longer. “ Alex Souders, our Director of Marketing, said. “It just shows how much appreciation people have for this medium, how it gives back to the community and what it feels like to see your campaigns on the road every day. It’s definitely been a success having these awards, and the ability to recognize these local, regional, and national businesses on the same stage.”

The Winners

Winners will receive an award commemorating their victory, showing off the ad that won for them.

To see all of the nominees, we have put together permanent webpages to remember all the ads involved.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and congratulations again to all winners.