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Adsposure Names Jason Klare as President

Cincinnati Skyline

Adsposure is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Klare as the company’s President. Klare, who has served as the Vice President of Sales for Adsposure since May 2018, has a wealth of experience in the transit advertising industry.  Throughout his career, Klare has been dedicated to building high-performance teams and driving strategic growth. His… Read more »

Allied First Bank Knows the Value of Transit Advertising Allied First Bank, a community bank located in Oswego, IL, acknowledges that their marketing budget may be smaller than many of their competitors. Which is why Rory Bolen, Director of Marketing for Allied First Bank, decided to kick off a transit advertising campaign with Adsposure – to build off their current media mix, and… Read more »

Cabinets City’s Top Shelf Moving Billboards in Chicago Many business owners struggle to get interested customers in their stores or on their website. So, they rely on advertising to bring interest surrounding their business and entice shoppers to consider their brand. With today’s segmented media environment, where digital and television advertising barely reaches a small portion of the target audience – Out… Read more »

Building Brand Awareness with Bus Advertisements for UI Health UI Health is an academic medical center headquartered in the Illinois Medical District of Chicago. Which means, UI health is in a saturated market surrounded by several other academic medical centers (AMCs) and health systems. So, it is extremely important for them to be recognizable in the Chicago area, and for their brand to… Read more »

2023 Design Wrap Up

There have been so many incredible bus advertisements created by Adsposure’s skilled design team in 2023! As the year ends, we had to showcase just a few of the awesome ads that our team made for Adsposure’s advertising partners. Check out our design team’s favorite creations from this year:   4C For Children Graphic Designer… Read more »

Mutual Ground’s Transit Advertising Campaign with Pace Suburban Bus and Adsposure Drives Their Mission Forward For many nonprofit organizations, marketing budgets are tight. This is no different for Mutual Ground, a nonprofit focused on eliminating domestic and sexual violence and the harms of substance abuse in the Chicago suburbs. Mutual Ground aims to use its funds primarily for the services that directly impact clients. However, Kathy Melone, Advancement Director at Mutual… Read more »

Five Star Furniture’s Transit Advertising Excellence with Adsposure, Pace, and a Variety of Ad Formats!

A fully wrapped Pace bus with Five Star Furniture's advertising on both sides and the back. The bus is pulling up to the sidewalk. There are endless options for consumers when it comes to buying furniture. From online marketplaces to big box stores – it can be hard for a family-owned business to stand out against over 47,000 furniture store options in the United States. For Five Star Furniture, located in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn, Il,… Read more »

Feldco’s Transit Advertising Campaign Drives Brand Recognition in Chicagoland

A full wrap bus advertisement for Feldco on pace. “When I think about what we do here at Feldco, we’re providing custom solutions for consumers. And it’s typically on their most important investment that they have, which is their home,” says Ron Gerstung, President of Feldco.   For Chicago homeowners, there are countless options when it comes to home renewal businesses. With just a… Read more »